Listening to our Inner Voice

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image by Jamie CourtadeI recently read one of my favorite books. “Promptings” by Kody Bateman. It’s a great inspirational book about listening to our inner voice within us, which rings so true with me. I learned during the time of the girls being in the hospital after their premature birth, that it is important to listen to that voice within us. Especially as a mother, but every one has that voice, and sometimes it’s more of a feeling of what to do, or not to do. I have learned over the past 17 years to really get in tune to that voice within me and 95-99% of the time, it’s right. “Turn R instead of going straight, call this person, send that person a card, tell that person you love them”. Or sometimes it’s messages like, “go back inside and get your list”, or, “remember to grab your water to take with you”, whatever it may be. Kody says the more we listen to our inner promptings, the more and bigger promptings we receive. And I’m finding that to be so true.  As we learn to listen to our inner voice with small things, we then may get inspiration in bigger things;  to start our own business, to get out of our comfort zone and introduce ourself to someone we greatly admire, or perhaps, maybe, to write a book!
I remember reconnecting with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. I had walked right past an aisle in the grocery store that I needed an item from, and a little later while still in the store, remembered I needed that item. I went back to that aisle and just as I did, my friend saw me and called my name. We chatted a bit and reconnected, getting together a few times since then and found out we can mutually benefit each other not only in friendship, but now with our businesses.
But I had to be aware of what my inner voice was telling me. So often in this high tech world, we can’t hear anything within, because of all the noise in the outside world, iphones, radios, tv, computers, all going at us all the time. I often wonder how many great ideas, inspirations, or even simple helpful thoughts people are missing, because they’re tuning out their inner self.
When we’re open and responsive to our intuition, instinct or inner voice, it leads us to some really great opportunities, and we begin to see that things really do happen for a reason. Big things, little things. That’s one of the focal points in my book. I really don’t believe in coincidences- there are those silly ones, where as kids, we’d say the same thing at the same time, ya know the “jinx you owe me a coke” type ones. But I mean in a bigger picture way.
I’ll get more in to this in detail some other time, and there is definitely more about it in my book. But start by looking for and listening to those promptings, you’re inner voice within you. Some times you’ll be surprised by what you hear.
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Hi Friends!

Wow!  It’s been awhile, a long while since I’ve posted a blog- almost  a year!  Life just happens some times and you just have to let some things go- ya know what I mean?!  Well, I have a very good reason to be back- I am finally moving ahead w/ my book!  YES!  The doors to getting it published have been opened!  Some time in the next 4 months or so, it will be out!  

So, some of you may be thinking by now, “What book”?  A great question!  I started writing “Blessings in Disguise” 2 years ago, well, a little more than that, but 2 years ago, seriously dedicating to it nearly every day.  Was done and had it finished in just a few short months.  In the meantime I was able to be a part of, “A Juicy Juicy Joyful Life”, a collaboration of 41 inspirational women authors, each with their own individual chapter, which was released and became a best seller on Amazon & Barnes & Noble in Sept. of 2010!  Then as I finished the final touches on my book, a little over a  year ago, I didn’t pursue getting it published whole heartedly.   I visited a few different options, some didn’t feel right to me and others  just didn’t work out.  But then, my mom, who has been one of my biggest supporters, gave me the 1 really little push I needed, just a few weeks ago.  She called me up, and said, “What can I do to help you get your book published?”  I told her I just don’t have the time to research publishing companies, gather the information who to contact and where to send my manuscript.  So one day shortly after that, she came over with her laptop, I gave her some companies I had thought about contacting, and she did the legwork.  I called one that was right here in my home town, a publishing assistance firm, not a publisher, they help individuals self publish their own work, and that is all there is!  The Jenkins Group, who incidentally, I’ve known the owners wife for many years through a mom’s group I was part of several years ago, just didn’t know about their company, has been around for over 20 years assisting authors in getting published!

My first thought was, “Why didn’t I do this a year ago?”- But, as you read my book when it comes out, you’ll understand my next immediate thought, “Because everything happens for a reason and when it’s suppose to.”  Although, I really don’t see the purpose of it waiting over a whole year longer than what I wanted, I know it’s going to touch thousands of people and help them get through some rough times they may be facing, or still struggling with for many months or years.

So, the beginning of the real work begins- I have final edits to make, and am moving forward!  Would love to have you join me on this journey!  Please keep watch, and I’ll be better at keeping you posted!  I am grateful to every one of my readers!

You can-

Make today the best day ever!


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