Give yourself away!

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When you see that word- giving, who comes to mind that you know is the epitome of giving?  What else do you think of about that person?  I would guess many positive words come to mind that also describe that person.

I know many people like that and they are some of the happiest people I know.  Do you think there is a correlation?  I do.  It’s one of the best philosophies to live by, give of yourself.  When we are giving, and giving out of joy, we- feel- joy!  We are living in joy and in harmony, and that is one of the most basic desires, to be happy- joyous.  And there are so many ways we can give- it doesn’t always have to involve money.

We can give a smile- to all those we come in contact with every day.  We can give our time to charities and non profit organizations.  We can give a helping hand to a co-worker or neighbor.  We can buy a coffee or tea or lunch for a friend or someone who’s having a bad day.  We can send a greeting card- a real one- not an e- card.  The list is endless of small or large ways we can give.  And it doesn’t have to be big.  A lot of little joyful ways throughout our day that we can give of ourselves will make our own cup runneth over with love, joy and abundance.  We will feel so wonderful for being a giving person and hearing and seeing others gratitude for our small acts of kindness.  We will become the person that others talk about as the happy person who’s so giving.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather others say that about me than mention how much “stuff” I have, or- say nothing at all.

I want others to know that one of my main goals is to help them- Help them achieve better success in their business, or with their relationships, or achieve a better sense of self worth and self acceptance & love.  What do you want others to know and say about you in your career or place of business?  Do you keep your mission or goal out in front of you everyday?  I do.  I have a bright yellow sign hanging near my computer that says, “Who am I helping today?  It’s all about them!”

It’s not about me and what I want from them, it’s about sharing with them how my business can best help them achieve their goals and dreams.  That helps me to have more of a giving heart when talking with them and sharing my business with them.  I want them to know they can count on me to help them do their best.

One of the things I love to do to be a giver is when I hear that our local food pantry is in need of food, I love going to the grocery store and filling a cart full of canned and boxed goods and taking it to the pantry.  I am filled with such joy doing this.  It’s a simple thing, but it brings me such a sense of fulfillment and also gratitude that I’m able to do this.

What can you do today to be a giver, and give from the heart?  Go throughout your day today, looking for ways to give of yourself out of joy!  You’ll  be glad you did!

Make today the best day ever!


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Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones to success

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My last post was about stepping stones or stumbling blocks and how by choosing which way we see each adversity or challenge will create the ability- or inability- to get through each situation  that arises.  Yes?

I haven’t written in three weeks for a couple different reasons.  One, I just have been so darn busy, and have more things to do than I could get to in any 24 hour period, unless I was to go totally without sleeping!  And two, I was facing some of my own stones, or blocks and just wasn’t feeling like I could write anything and really believed in what I was telling my readers!  We all go through down fazes, what we see about others isn’t always reality.  I’ve had other people much more successful than myself tell me that they still have doubts, and fears about rather they can reach that next goal- so why should I be any different, or you?  We’re human, and that’s just a simple fact!

We are going to have times in our life when we just don’t understand why something is happening, or in my most recent case, isn’t happening.

Here’s what I found out.

Sometimes we just try- too- hard!

I didn’t think I was trying too hard to make something happen, but looking back on it now- yes…. ( hanging head in shame)- I was.  I had a goal, and it just wasn’t coming together like I thought it should.  Then, when I least expected it, I get a phone call from someone I wasn’t expecting to, and they helped me reach that goal!  And, not only was it the 11th hour- it was like, 11:45!  When I let it go, and just said, “it is what it is”- and threw up my hands in release- the Universe said, okay, she’s let go; now let’s give!

So is there something that you are holding on to too tightly?   Something you want so bad, that it’s upsetting you that you don’t have it yet?  That’s a negative feeling, and you need to loosen the grip.  Be excited about it, sure.  Feel what it’s like to have it, and be excited about receiving it.  But don’t hold on to it so tightly that it actually ends up being a negative feeling when you are reminded you don’t have it yet.  It’s a fine line, and Dr. Joe Vitale in his CD set, “the Missing Secret” explains it much better than I am.

One statement that has been a big help to me that I’ve learned from “Beyond Positive Thinking”, written by Dr. Robert Anthony and the audio book is read by Dr. Joe Vitale, says to be “happy in each moment”.  I Love That!  Every moment we have, is here, then gone.  We can never get it back.  So why spend it being grumpy, upset, angry, resentful, jealous, etc.  Yes, there are things that we will have come into our lives that will surely make us sad- a loss of a loved one, or loss of a job, someone we were close to hurts us, etc.  And we will have feelings come that we need to feel.  But I’m talking about all those other times that really don’t make a real difference, and next week, month or years down the line, won’t matter, that we choose to stew over in one way or another.  We can choose how we react to them.

So, in closing- ask yourself today 2 questions.

1) Is there something I want so bad,  that I’m holding on too tight, and it is causing a bad feeling?  Instead, want it so good, that it makes you happy to think about it, and let it go- let it come to you, instead of chasing after it.


2) Is there a negative feeling about something that happened recently that you need to let go and move on?  Realize that maybe it’s not really all that big of a deal, and that if you choose to change your attitude toward it- or her or him…. the situation may improve.

I hope I have helped you to,

Make today the best day ever!


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Stepping stones… or stumbling blocks?

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Stop the world I wanna get off!  Don’t you feel like that sometimes!?  I know I do.  Last week was exceptionally busy for me.  I had been gone to Salt Lake City the w/end before, and arrived back home late Sunday night.  And from Monday on, it was go-go-go!

There were times I just wanted to quit.  I was getting burned out.  And there were times I thought for sure something was going to happen to make it all worth the effort, but for whatever reason, nothing came together like I thought it would.  Oh… how frustrating!

But, I had a choice to make- we all have choices every day.

I really wanted to just quit- at least for awhile…. a few days, maybe a week or more.  But what good would that do?  I certainly wouldn’t respect myself for that.  I’d feel like I failed.  Because, that’s exactly what failure is- letting something get the best of you.  Failure is not an event, it’s a feeling we place upon ourselves, or let others place upon us, when we decide to quit trying.  It’s only failure when we give up.  And then there is nothing left to do- we claim that “title” and let it loom over us like Eeyore’s gray cloud.

It’s no fun sticking around that “place” in our emotions.  The fun and thrill and excitement is in the journey!  When we keep putting one foot in front of the other, that is where life happens!  Even when we achieve some goal we’ve been working on, once were there, it’s like…. hum… I’m here…. that was fun…. now what?

Think of a time when you wanted something really bad.  Maybe your first car, you purchased your first house, a promotion at work, or whatever it may be.  Remember the excitement thinking about that event, before it happened, before you received it?  It was all you could think about, you daydreamed about it, planned for it, chose the colors, furniture, wall colors, floor coverings, saw yourself with the bigger paycheck, maybe corner office w/ a window… whatever it was for you.  What happened a few weeks after your received it?  Back to the same ole’ same ole’ for the most part, wasn’t it, once you settled in?

That’s why the fun is in the journey- it’s not in the prize or the achievement of it, it’s in the pursuit of it, that we are most excited!

So when something happens that is not how you planned, should we just quit, give up and stop trying?  No!  If you need to take a break, for a little while to recharge, then do that.  I did that just yesterday.  I felt I just had to take a day and spend some time picking up around the house and cleaning.  It wasn’t a “fun” day for me.  But I needed to do that for my sanity.  I made it fun.  I cranked up some of my favorite hi-energy music and went at it.  It was a break for me from phone calls, writing, computer time, meetings, etc.  But take time for you to recharge, a walk, a bath, a slowed down favorite meal, reading a good book you’ve been meaning to pick up, again whatever that is for you.

But be determined enough to get right back at it, and enjoy the ride!  Life is meant to be the best we decide to make it.  But it only

photo by Horia Varlan

will be when we are able to accept the “failures” or set backs and use them as stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.

Make today the best day ever!


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Why I wrote “Blessings in Disguise”

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I thought I would share with you today why I wrote my book, Blessings in Disguise.

It was not originally something I  thought of doing.  I did not have aspirations of being a best selling published author as a young girl.  It was not something I ever saw myself accomplishing.  Sure… as a kid, in grade school, don’t we all think it’d be fun to write our own book?  But I like many others, thought, “who would read what I wrote?  What do I have to say?”

As we were going through some of the health challenges over the years, mostly with our youngest daughters’ severe food allergies and then a few months later w/ my cancer diagnosis, and over came them naturally- no drugs, surgery, chemo, radiation, etc., others that I talked to about my story, and more often than not, complete strangers that somehow we would get to talking about health issues, yet had never met me before, in finding out our story, would tell me,  “Amy, that would make a great book”~ or, “You should write a book!”…..and so, the seed was planted.

I wrote my story, because for one, I have learned to listen to outer as well as inner promptings over the past several years, and 2, I have come across so many people that have a hunger to learn more about healing their bodies naturally instead of just treating symptoms, that are led to me through mutual friends, etc, and ask me about my story.  I simply want to help as many as who want to know, how and what we did, and how we came out on top of all the struggles.  And more importantly, that they can too!

Interestingly enough, I just had this happen twice in the past 5 days!  Two different people, both friends of friends, have been recently diagnosed w/ thyroid cancer, and they were told about me by a mutual friend, and they both contacted me to find out more.  What did I do, what did my Doctor do, how am I today?  All kinds of questions, this happens so often, and every time it does, I am so happy to give them hope.  Cancer is a scary thing- but it doesn’t control us, we don’t have to let it.  I did at first, I let the fear take over, then once I made the decision to go the natural route, instead of the traditional way of having surgery to remove my thyroid, I felt such a sense of power!!  I went from being a victim, to taking control of my circumstances, standing tall and saying, “I am meant for better than this”!

Blessings in Disguise, though is not just about our health issues, and how we came through them, physically- it’s about how we spent nearly 10 years of almost back to back trials, tragedies and fear, and how we came  through it all emotionally!  I have written my story to help those that feel they are just getting by, or maybe not even getting by, are struggling so deep, they can’t see a way out, to know that it is possible to cut loose and to become what they truly desire to be!  You can be, do, & have more than what you are getting by with now.  Every person is a great person- they first have to believe that, and I want to help you know that.  Then know what to do next, and help you walk from the valley and start the climb up the mountain of victory to whatever you see your self as the potential to be!

Rather it’s emotional issues, financial, relationship issues w/ your spouse, children, co-workers, or whomever, or whatever it is that you feel is holding you back, you can use that as your catalyst to help you move forward and turn your trials into triumphs- that’s where you’ll find your Blessings in Disguise!

Make today the best day ever!


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Challenges & mistakes- how do you handle them?

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Oh my!  Well- if we were all perfect, this would be Heaven, wouldn’t it?  I made a pretty big mistake a few months ago, and just realized it Tuesday (that’s why there was no post from me Tuesday) and there is nothing that can be done about it.  Not only that, it wasn’t completely my fault, there was another person involved that should have caught the mistake too, but didn’t or just didn’t bring it to my attention.  It upset me pretty bad, and took me about 36 hours to just let it go.  I didn’t totally dwell on it all that time, but there was a definite aura around me that was not my usual upbeat, positive self.

I usually don’t let things bother me this bad, but this was rather huge, and as I said, can’t be undone.  But here’s what I did.  I fixed what  I could, and had to let the rest of it… just… goooooo- sigh….

I woke up today, ready to move on.  Today is another day…. it’s the beginning of the rest of my life and I’m ready to make the best of it.  What’s so absolutely funny, is one of my friends on facebook had just posted yesterday morning that she was expecting something really great to happen to her since she was having quite a challenge herself!  (She had no idea what I was going through)  I totally adopted that thought process today!  And you know what- there have been some amazing things that have already taken place today and it’s only mid- afternoon!  Surprise phone calls and emails that have just sent me soaring!!!!

So how about you?  How do you handle challenges or mistakes?  Do you let it get you down, tell yourself all kinds of negative self talk like, “I’m stupid”, “I can’t do anything right”, “Nothing ever works out for me”, “I just want to quit”….or anything else like that?  I did some of that for a little while, and now today I’m ready to move forward.  It’s okay to get upset at your self or situations that turn things on end- but it’s how we handle it that really counts.  And yes, sometimes we have to get mad for a bit, pound a pillow, go outside and let out a good yell.  Then move on…. start anew… take a big breath, say and BELIEVE… “I am meant for better things than this”, “I can do, and usually do better than this”, “It’s okay, I know I’m not perfect”, and learn from the mistake or challenge and move forward.

Everyone of us are great in our own way- unfortunately today, too many people are walking around out there not knowing and believing we are.  Negative self talk has become the norm.  So today, be aware of your self talk, and others as well.   And when you hear yourself telling you… how ___________ whatever negative thing you usually tell yourself, you are- remind yourself, that you are better than that, because you ARE!  And when you hear someone else down talk them selves, tell them something positive!  Plant that seed of beauty, wonderment, happiness, joy, love, gratitude, acceptance and inner peace in someone, including yourself, today!

Make today the best day ever!


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My highlighter is my best friend!

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Why is it that we are so often so hard on ourselves?  How do we develop that type of belief that we should talk our selves down whenever something doesn’t go the way we want it to?  It’s not going to help us achieve whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish by down talking our selves- in fact, the exact opposite will occur.

I’ve noticed it lately in our son- he gets so frustrated with himself if he doesn’t do something right the first time.  It seems hard to instill in our children that when you are trying something new, you’re probably going to have to work at if a few times before you “get it”!  Yes, some things are going to come easier than others, and somethings are going to be easier for him than one of his classmates, and vice versa- but that’s okay.  That’s what makes everyone unique.  We’re going to mess up sometimes.  But that’s how we learn and grow.  We rarely learn when we do something right immediately- when we do it “right”, we already know it!

What can we do then when we have a hard time getting something to work the way we want it to, or the way it should be?

First off, stop, take a deep breath and ask, “Am I doing everything the way I am suppose to be doing it?”  With almost anything in life, there are some guidelines.  If you’re an entrepreneur and things aren’t going the way you want them to, find out what the missing link is.

“Do I have all the skills and knowledge?”  That’s usually fairly easy to answer and to correct if not.

“Am I applying them consistently?”  This one is not so easy to answer yes.  Especially as a business owner, or more especially a “solopreneur” like myself who works out of the home.  It can be easy to get distracted, side-tracked, and not do what I know I should daily, weekly and continually.  We allow life to take over.  Sometimes there are things that are pressing, and need immediate attention.  But I know  myself, it’s usually alot of little things that I let get in the way.

Many times I set out my schedule early in the morning, highlighting in bright orange the important tasks for the day, often even numbering them in order of priority.   Then when I get those done, I’ll color some more with my bright orange hightlighter!  And so on, until the end of the day.

The evenings are the hardest for me to stay on task, family is home, dinner needs prepared, ate, cleaned up after, kids ready for school and for bed, and I am committed to take at least 15 minutes, more if I can, just spending time reading or snuggling or visiting with them.

Sometimes I have webinars to be on, either for SendOutCards, or lately for the book anthology that I’m in that’s coming out soon, or I’ve also signed up for other author/ speaker webinars- those are usually in the evening.  I’ve found if I don’t highlight them with my wonderful bright orange highlighter in my calendar, I forget to listen.  These webinars are an important valuable aspect to help me learn & grow.

I’ve heard it put that in order to be successful at something you have to do what the successful people in that field do.  And they are often on calls, webinars and attending training- and they did it BEFORE becoming successful!  And they were consistent at it, rarely if ever, missing it.  They didn’t wait until they became successful to attend- they did it before and that’s what created the momentum and positive energy they needed to move forward to their success!

So for today and through the weekend, if you find yourself not getting the success you want, find out if you simply need more information or more skills, or if you just need to apply yourself and be proactive, instead of reactive to life.  And maybe get out that bright orange highlighter!

Make today the best day ever!


p.s.- I’ll have some news soon- in less than 2 weeks, regarding the book anthology that I’m in!  Stay tuned!

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Are you ready to go beyond positive thinking?

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Lately I’ve been listening to the powerful book on tape, Beyond Positive Thinking written by Dr. Robert Anthony, read by Dr. Joe Vitale.  I have only completed cd’s 1 & 2, but ohhhh… I cannot wait to move on to the rest!  Right from the very beginning, it grabs you and really explains how powerful our minds really are.  I wish every person on Earth would be able to listen or read it!  Powerful Powerful Stuff!

I’m probably not even going to do this justice, but we all have capabilities beyond belief!  Basically every belief we have is due to what we have learned, from our parents, teachers, acquaintances, friends, co-worker, boss, television, and other media, and on and on.  We don’t start out with our own set of beliefs as babies, we learn every one of our beliefs.  You probably already knew that, right?  But let’s go beyond that… what does it mean? It means everything we believe, can be changed!

If we have always thought of ourselves as shy, bossy, stupid, clumsy, unsuccessful, broke, etc., it’s only because somewhere along the way, something happened, or someone said something that made us accept that image of our selves.  And we conformed to that image, and kept it in our belief for all these years.  That means we can change our thought process, and grow and become what we would rather be.  But first we have to decide to.   It starts with our mind, and what we tell it!

If we’ve always thought of our selves a certain way, especially if it’s been for years on end, it can seem to be a daunting task to try to change.  One thing that Beyond Positive Thinking mentions is that being shy isn’t either negative or positive trait, but it can be a negative characteristic if we want to be a public speaker!  But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  The age old saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way!”, is so so true!  It really all depends on how bad a person wants something.  So that means that if there is a particular trait we’ve always wished we could “wish away”- in a sense, we can.  We don’t have to continue with the same traits that we’ve always thought were “just who I am”.  Those characteristics that we don’t particularly like, are only formed from what we’ve learned in the past- it’s who we are, based on our past.  The future is not yet here, and we can make a new future including creating our selves into who we really want to be!

What we say to ourselves and to others really does have an impact, and we need to be aware of that.  Even when we don’t intend it, we have the ability to impact others, and it can be either in a negative way, or positive.  Many times we are making an impact without even knowing it.  I’ve made it a daily habit to be much more aware of what I say and do and how it can affect someone.  It’s not always easy.  But it’s just a matter of being more aware, and thinking about what we are saying and doing, before we do it.

I highly encourage you to get a copy of Beyond Positive Thinking, it has already in just 1/4 of what I’ve listened to, made a huge impact on my thought process and what I am manifesting into my life!

Make today the best day ever!


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Proactive or Reactive?

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Are you always in a rush?  Does it feel like you’re constantly racing with the clock to get somewhere on time, or get a project done by the deadline?

I know I’ve felt that way- numerous times- too many to count!  I started being that way when our son was an infant, he hated riding in the car.  Anytime we went anywhere, he’d scream from the back of the van in his car seat.  I became such a fast driver, just to get where I needed to in as little time as possible, so I could get him out and get him to stop crying.  This went on for months.  This was such a tense time, I always felt tense.  With him being our second child, as he got older, he might have been better in the car, but then he was super busy at home as he grew into toddlerhood, and I was constantly on the go, chasing after him, trying to take care of his older sister, along with all the other household duties of being a mom.

Thankfully now, our children are getting to the point of being more independent, being able to help fix their own lunches, help with dishes, even laundry- just basic helping out around the house.  Life in that regards has mellowed a bit.  But it sure took me a long time to get out of that fast driving habit!  Our son is 9 now, and there were other things that came along in our life that always left me feeling like I was in a hurry, had to rush, always racing to get somewhere on time.

Now over the past year, I’ve been able to take a calmer, more relaxed approach.  One thing I noticed recently was that all those times I was tense, in a hurry, looking out for only myself- if I did get to my intended destination on time ( which was rare), I was tense when I got there, most the time came upon every red light along the way, slow drivers ‘in my way”, and countless other situations that would slow my progress.

Now that I’m able to (most the time) not be in a rush, I come upon more green lights, traffic seems lighter, I get to where I need to on time, relaxed, maybe even notice a field of flowers, or the sunrise over the bay, or a neat looking barn along the way.

When we’re in the flow of life, life works for us.  When we take the attitude that “I am where I am meant to be at this moment in my life”, we understand that all things will work out for us.  We all have things that happen when we are getting ready to leave the house, don’t we?   Can’t find the keys, something gets spilled, a phone call, one of the kids can’t find their favorite bunny to bring in the car, whatever it may be.  I have taken the total attitude that “it’s okay”.  I trust that all things are working out for my best interest.  Instead of getting upset at myself, or the situation, or another person for making me leave late, I try to remind myself that maybe it’s for a reason.  It might be saving me from an accident, or some other unknown reason that is actually a positive as to why this is happening.

Now, there is a huge difference between taking a lackadaisical approach to life- being indifferent, lazy and uninterested, and what I’m talking about; excepting the flow of life, not getting bent out of shape when things don’t go our way.  I think there’s a fine line between the two.  One is proactive, one is inactive and if you’re like I used to be, that is reactive!  How do you rate yourself on the acceptance scale of life?

Make today the best day ever!


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Relaxed? or Uptight?

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I’m not sure I should start my post this way, but I would like to thank all the uptight drivers I’ve witnessed lately!  You’ve given me inspiration for today’s blog!  Why?  Because I remember when I USED to be that way!

I was at the farm market yesterday, and it’s always swamped there during the peak of harvesting season & hard to find parking.   Then when you do, and it’s time to leave, so many people are trying to get their own parking spot, and are waiting behind you, for others to pull out, or get past, or whatever, sometimes you wait several minutes to just back out and get on your merry way!

So  this lady, was across from me in her car, wanting to cross over to get to the side I’m on, and she’s waving her hands and verbally telling me who knows what, because she can’t cross.  I had just pulled out of my parking place and was turning left to get out of the lot, and yes, I was kinda in the middle of the lane, but I had just pulled out.  I made my left turn, leaving the lane open for her to cross.  But guess what I realized just seconds after?!  Guess who was also in HER middle lane!  Yep, that hand waving, loud mouthing lady, herself!

So what about it?  I know I used to judge others, seeing what I THINK is wrong with them, what I THINK they should do or should have done, how I THINK, they should or shouldn’t react.  Even with this lady, I also thought after I drove away, “maybe she’s having a bad day”.  And gave her the benefit of the doubt.

But I know I didn’t used to do that- if someone crossed me, there was no excuse.  They just shouldn’t of done that.  But I know myself, sometimes I’m not paying total attention, and walk down the middle of the grocery isle, or step in front of someone with out thinking about it, or numerous other ways we could “offend” someone unintentionally.  But I think too many people constantly let others behavior bother them, when the other person isn’t doing it intentionally.  We all have things on our mind, struggles we’re going through, or whatever it may be.  We so often don’t take a moment to realize this when someone does “step on our toes”.  We do need to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, give them the benefit of the doubt, and realize we don’t need to let it bother us.

When we look at it from the other side, we don’t have to know their entire story, we just need to realize that they aren’t out there just to bug us.  It’s up to us,to choose to let it bug us, or we can choose to let it go.

When someone does cut us off rather on the road or in the grocery store, or where ever it may be, if you’re like I used to be, and would get uptight and get mad at that person, start to think of what may be going on in their life.  You never know.  But we don’t need to know in order to just let it go, and also pay more attention to our own “traffic habits”.  Are we making sure we’re not doing the same thing?

This is going to relate to my next topic, how being relaxed and going with the flow of life can make your life just go smoother- and actually bring more good things your way!  I hope you’ll check in next Tuesday!

Make today the best day ever!


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Short and to the point

August 26, 2010 at 10:35 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

This post is short and to the point in more ways than one.  One of my favorite quotes of all time, and certainly my favorite quote in the whole “Star Wars” Series, is by our little friend, Yoda.  He certainly is short, and he gets to the point.  So when he says to Luke, “Do or do not, there is no try.”  Fits Yoda to a T.  We all can learn from this quiet old little man.  Do or do not, there is no try.

How many times do we say to ourselves, “I’ll try.”  What does that tell our subconscious mind?  It says, we don’t really believe in our self, in what we’re saying.  We don’t believe we can do it.  So what’s most likely going to happen?  We won’t complete the task or if we complete it, it won’t be our best.  And I certainly don’t think we’ll have fun while doing it.

I notice this often in my children.  In our home, we’re working on not speaking out of turn… letting the other person finish their sentence, or letting Mom & Dad be the parent, and not telling siblings what to do.  I’ll ask them “Will you do your best today at not speaking for someone else?”  They’ll answer, “I’ll try.”  Sorry, not gonna cut it here.  I want them to commit to doing their best, and “I’ll try” is not their best.  Does that mean I expect them to be perfect?  No.  Their kids, their going to mess up, we all mess up!  But I simply am trying to teach them to to do their best.  When they give me a full out, “Yes, Mom”, we have a much better chance of getting through the day with less arguments, less interrupting, less hassle.

So for the day today, and through the weekend, and into next week, remember when you’re tempted to say, “I’ll give it a try.”  Bump it up a notch, and say, “I’m gonna do it!- I’m gonna do my best!”  You’ll feel so much better than simply trying.  And if it’s not done 100%, that’s okay.  I can pretty much guarantee you’ll at least have done much better, than if you’d of simply… tried.

Be Yoda, remember our good friend Yoda: “Do or do not, there is no try”.

Make today the best day ever!


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