Christmas does not have to = stress

November 30, 2011 at 1:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
photo by ashtonlewsey on flickr

photo by ashtonlewsey on flickr

Now that Thanksgiving weekend is over here in the United States, it’s full steam ahead to Christmas.  It’s so unfortunate that this time of year has to be so hectic for so many.  And I’ll be one of the first ones to admit, that I get sucked in to all the stress, and busyness of the PRE-Christmas shananagans!  We have 2 children that have December Birthdays- one on the 10th, and the other on the 30th, and that adds another whole element to my December stress level.

I don’t think my Mom stressed about Christmas nearly as much as I did- other than, if they were going to be able to buy me presents some years.  My parents were Self- employed, and their livelihood depended on the weather, so it was feast or famine for us.  But there certainly wasn’t the pressure of Christmas back then like their is today… non-stop Christmas parties to go to, elaborate expensive gifts to try to one-up the previous year, or to keep up w/ the “Jone’s”, etc.  Each year, this World that we live in keeps inventing more and more “things”, many… just don’t really improve our quality of life.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  Many steal social, emotional, spiritual, psychological and academic growth from our children.  They really don’t “need” all that “stuff”.  We have a few of those “things” in our house, but not many- not nearly the amount I hear my 10 year old son especially, saying what some of his classmates have.

In some years, we’ve given the gift of time to our kids- in the form of “coupons” for bowling, mini-golf, water- park, and to some of the areas around here where we live- close to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and other places to take them to.  Those were fun gifts to give- I made them quickly and easily either by hand or on the computer, and they were fun gifts for them to receive and for us to use together!  Yes, they still got some presents under the tree, that is a “gift” that every child should be fortunate to experience, but sadly, many aren’t.

If we each just pared down our purchases by even $10, and gave that money to a charity in our local area that helps to make sure that children get to have a gift under the tree… can you imagine the impact that would have?

Give more than just “stuff” for Christmas this year, give the gift of yourself to those in your life.  Let them know you care by telling  them, spending time w/ them and showing them you care- not just giving them something that in the end, is not really going to make a difference in their life.

As we are in this Season of preparation for Christmas, please remember to take time for yourself- nurture your self, slow down, and find a way to make Christmas more meaningful… after all, the real meaning of the season, has nothing to do w/ things at all… but LOVE.

Thanks for reading!  A quick update on my upcoming book!- It will be published and released in early 2012- please visit my facebook page to stay up to date!

Make today the best day ever!

Amy Thoreson



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  1. Nice thought, thanks for sharing…

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