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I’m so encouraged by how much meditation has helped me over the past couple weeks.  I’m going to continue on with this blog regarding it,  for I’ve had other great experiences since doing meditation starting almost a year ago, then not for 3 months, and now going back to meditating regularly.

Meditating helps to clear & calm your mind.  I know, for myself, from the moment I wake up, until I finally rest my head some 16 or more hours later, my mind is constantly going.  Is that the same for you?  I think, for most people, it is.  I have found that taking time at the end of my day- each day, after the kids have gone off to bed, I get my planner, & take just 10-15 minutes,  thinking back through my day- who did I have conversations with?   Who did I get an email or some form of contact from?  What was the conversation, is there something I am suppose to do regarding it?  Is there someone or something I meant to connect with or take care of, but didn’t get to?  I just go through my day, and make sure as best I can, that I’ve followed through with anything I intended to, or if not, then put it on my list  for tomorrow or whenever it needs to be done.  This exercise has been a huge help in clearing my mind so I can sleep better, and also helping me to feel in control and more responsible and also more productive in my day.

There’s different forms of meditating- this is one.  I also do some to help create in my mind what kind of goals & achievements I am striving for- more of a way to help my mind visualize my life as I am creating it to be.  Others include using Cd’s or music, self- meditation of various kinds- using different techniques & forms and you can google meditation and find a plethora of information- sometimes you’ll have to try several to find one or more that’s right for you.  But in my opinion, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  One of my favorite mentors to learn about meditation from is John Assaraf, he has a great facebook page too, and really interacts often w/ his fans, but you can also go to his website and find a great deal of info on meditation and the power of the mind.

You don’t have to sit in the ever popular “meditation” pose we think of when we visualize meditation.  Just sit or lie down comfortably.  But find a place that helps you to feel relaxed and at ease.  I recommend you try to be as consistent as possible- pick a particular time each day to do your meditation, and stick to it whenever you can- schedule it into your day.  I know from experience, if I don’t, the day gets gone, and I haven’t done it.  Try it for 30 days, and see how it goes for you, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Would love to hear back from you your experience with meditation!

Make today the best day ever!


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