2010- 2011 some thoughts

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Here we are, upon the final days of 2010.  Everyone, everywhere is talking about New Year’s resolutions and what theirs are, and trying to help or motivate others to make their own.

I had never made an actual New Years Resolution.  I’ve seen, heard, & read about too many people not keeping them, so I figured, “why bother”.  Even though for most of my adult life, I’ve been a goal setter, New Years was never my time to do it.  I went with the flow and set my goals when I felt compelled to.

But last year, as 2009 came to a close, I had already started “Blessings In Disguise” a few months earlier, and was committing about 45 minutes a day to working on it, and it was coming along at a pretty nice pace.  I wanted to set a goal when I wanted it completed by.  I didn’t just flippantly pick a date out of thin air, I went with what felt right,  the end of 2010 was my goal.

I have finished it, and although the rest of my goal to get it published didn’t quite fit in to 2010, I’m okay with not achieving that part of it.  It was in February that the “Juicy Joyful Life” anthology came my way, and I became a co-author in it.  I have started pursuing getting it published, but I will admit, not with a full all out mentality.  I got to a point, these past couple months, I got a little burned out on the book.  I have some options open to me to start small, but I also have some opportunities coming that can do greater things with “Blessings In Disguise”.  I did hear back from one publishing company that told me they’d get back to me after the first of the year.  It wasn’t a no, it wasn’t a yes.  I feel pretty optimistic about it.

So, if you decide to set some goals for yourself, 1 of 3 things will happen.  You’ll give up shortly after starting, and be no further off than you are now.  You’ll make some progress and be somewhat further along, either a little or alot, or 3- You’ll make it fully!!!  Only you can decide which one it’s going to be, and it happens each day you wake up and decide what you’re going to do that day to get you closer to your goal.  If you have a large goal, make smaller ones along the way to help you see progress, and reward yourself for each progress- proportionately.

So we’ve looked at this upcoming year, what about the one we’re about to close a door on.  How was your 2010?  What, if any, progress have you made these past 365 days?  Something I used to struggle about for years was being able to sleep well, and a couple years ago, I started doing positive self talk to change that around and within just a few days, less than a week, I was sleeping sounder, usually straight through the night, and feeling so rested when I woke.  

Just over a year ago, I started doing some meditation and hypnotherapy.   I have 2 cd’s I would listen to each day, 1 by John Assaraf that’s about 25 minutes long, and the other I bought at a T. Harv Eker Millionaire Mind Intensive weekend- it’s about 35 minutes.  I had faithfully listened to them each day- John’s in the middle of the day, and the one from MMI as I was going to sleep.  Then, about 6 weeks ago, I was back to waking up in the middle of the night, usually for no apparent reason, and couldn’t figure out why.  Then, less than a week ago, it hit me.
I stopped listening to both of them about 3 months ago.  In trying to find more time to fit in all my responsibilities during the day, I let them go.  And the effects are obvious.  The first night I started listening to them again, I slept much better, and have ever since.  I’ve had considerably better nights sleep these past 5 nights or so,  than I have in the past 3 months combined.

So, if there is one thing this past year you’ve let go that helped you, made you a better person somehow, improved your life or relationships, it’s a  good time to examine how you can put it back in- keep it a priority, and see what’s going on that’s not so important that you can let go.  I know I’ll be continuing my meditation- lesson learned.

I want to extend my sincerest wish to you for a very Happy Healthy & Prosperous New Year- may your 2011 be all that you INTEND it to be and all that you DECIDE to make it!

Make today (and this year) the best ever!


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