Things aren’t always as they seem

December 7, 2010 at 3:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

photo by ANVrecifeIsn’t it amazing how when somebody does something we view as outrageous, wrong, sneaky, inappropriate, or whatever they do, we are so quick to think the worst of them.  Just like this apple, before we cut into it, we think it’s an apple- but look closer inside, under the skin.  When someone apparently deceives us, we take on this attitude that, “they did it on purpose”.  It seems less & less, people give each other the “benefit of the doubt” these days.

I just had an experience that reminded me of this.

I was ordering some candy- (w/ my Santa hat on), from a company that makes all natural candies that have a product in them called Xylitol, in place of sugar.  You an search that if you want, I’m not going to get in to it here… but it’s actually quite healthy for you.  Any way… I was ordering 1 pound of their assortment of candies.  I thought the price for the candy was reasonable for a high quality, good for you candy.  Going through the order process though, the shipping came to almost $12!  What!?  Well, I simply canceled out of that and decided I’d just by some at our local health food store that was similar, but different- my kids have had that before and this Xylitol candy was something new.

I had already emailed the company previously with a question just yesterday, and received a prompt response, so when this issue came up regarding the shipping, I emailed the lady who responded to me, back and told her, I was in the process of ordering, but was not going to pay nearly $12 for shipping for a 1lb. bag of candy, and to please remove me from the email list I also signed up for.

She got back to me right away, and explained that it is not suppose to be $12, and that she was sorry this happened and to call her directly to place an order if I still wanted to.  I did, and she was very friendly and thanked me for letting them know about the shipping cost.

It was easy for me to assume that the shipping was that high.  Even though I don’t buy online often, but there are many times on a very popular website where you bid on items… people jack up the shipping to make a little…. or alot… of extra dough.  ‘nuf said, there.

So… what if I had gotten mad & angry and called them all kinds of nasty names, and thought they were trying to rip people off?  I’d be out some really cool candy for my kids, yes, but not only that, they may not have noticed the error, and lost many other orders,  AND more importantly, I would have been creating a negative atmosphere for myself, creating and attracting negative energy into my life.  Who needs that???  It certainly wouldn’t have been beneficial to anyone to be nasty myself.

This time of year, emotions run high with extra stress from all the Holiday’s extra requirements.  Please remember to give your neighbor the benefit of the doubt, if something doesn’t seem right, ask them, be kind, you never know what someone else is going through.  Everyone has a story. photo by Hillary Kladke

I wish you great week, enjoy this time of year, make every moment count, breath, prioritize, smile, and hug those you love, and tell them you love them!

Make today the best day ever!


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