Hitting your target?

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What is your current goal in life you are pursuing right now?  Do you have a specific career, personal, relationship or spiritual goal?  Or maybe a combination of any of those- or others?  How’s it coming?photo by: lululemon

I know with my goals, I sometimes wonder, “why isn’t it happening faster?”  Right?- don’t we all want it- yesterday?  I’ve gotten so caught up in so many personal growth books, and many of them have the same message, just said differently, but many also have a complete opposite message.  Who do you believe?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t read, listen and search for personal development- we absolutely should.  We all need a personal development plan.  But, I found that I was getting so caught up in it, that I was spending more time on it- and analyzing it, then I was doing what actions I needed to take to move me closer to my goal!

Through all the searching, I’ve discovered that I am at a great place emotionally- and with my self- belief; that I do know and believe where I am going in my life, my career, as an author, and as a wife and mother, that I needed to stop acting and treating myself that I still wasn’t “there” yet.  Yes, I need to continue to read, grow, listen and learn, but I need to act like I am already AT my goal- I’m there!  Because in my head, I AM.  But by having this attitude that I wasn’t there yet, I wasn’t acting like I was succeeding- does that make sense?

I’ve limited my personal development time now, to no more than an hour a day- and that includes listening to self- help books on cd in the car, and reading and listening at home.  I spend more time on the actions that I already know I need to do to make progress!

We can read, listen, learn all we want to on how we need to visualize, believe & know, we are achieving our goals- BUT, if we don’t take any action, it’s not likely to fall in our lap.  We need to make the calls, meet people, exercise our mind or our bodies- or both, spend more time in prayer- if our spiritual goal is to grow in that area, whatever it is that we need to do to move us closer to our goal.  Just move, even if it’s small baby steps- do something each day.  Commit to a certain amount of time to make that goal a reality in your life.  Find your why- what it is you truly desire, that will help  you have a passion for keeping on!

photo by viZZZual.com

As a side note- at least during this month of December, I will be paring down my blogging to Tuesdays only.  You may have already noticed I haven’t been consistent over the past couple months, and I apologize.  I talked a bit about it in one of my recent posts- but there’s also a time factor.  We have 2 of our 3 children w/ December Birthdays, as well as Christmas concerts & plays at school, Christmas parties, shopping, etc.- plus my SendOutCards business gets extra busy during this time of the Holidays, as people are wanting help getting their Holiday cards out quickly- and that is one of my passions- helping others save time & money staying in touch w/ the people in their life, rather it’s business or personal.

And maybe by taking it down to 1/week, I won’t be so overwhelmed w/ it, and will actually do it!  I enjoy writing, and hope you enjoy reading and feel each time your time was well spent and I helped you somehow that day!

Make today the best day ever!


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