Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones to success

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My last post was about stepping stones or stumbling blocks and how by choosing which way we see each adversity or challenge will create the ability- or inability- to get through each situation  that arises.  Yes?

I haven’t written in three weeks for a couple different reasons.  One, I just have been so darn busy, and have more things to do than I could get to in any 24 hour period, unless I was to go totally without sleeping!  And two, I was facing some of my own stones, or blocks and just wasn’t feeling like I could write anything and really believed in what I was telling my readers!  We all go through down fazes, what we see about others isn’t always reality.  I’ve had other people much more successful than myself tell me that they still have doubts, and fears about rather they can reach that next goal- so why should I be any different, or you?  We’re human, and that’s just a simple fact!

We are going to have times in our life when we just don’t understand why something is happening, or in my most recent case, isn’t happening.

Here’s what I found out.

Sometimes we just try- too- hard!

I didn’t think I was trying too hard to make something happen, but looking back on it now- yes…. ( hanging head in shame)- I was.  I had a goal, and it just wasn’t coming together like I thought it should.  Then, when I least expected it, I get a phone call from someone I wasn’t expecting to, and they helped me reach that goal!  And, not only was it the 11th hour- it was like, 11:45!  When I let it go, and just said, “it is what it is”- and threw up my hands in release- the Universe said, okay, she’s let go; now let’s give!

So is there something that you are holding on to too tightly?   Something you want so bad, that it’s upsetting you that you don’t have it yet?  That’s a negative feeling, and you need to loosen the grip.  Be excited about it, sure.  Feel what it’s like to have it, and be excited about receiving it.  But don’t hold on to it so tightly that it actually ends up being a negative feeling when you are reminded you don’t have it yet.  It’s a fine line, and Dr. Joe Vitale in his CD set, “the Missing Secret” explains it much better than I am.

One statement that has been a big help to me that I’ve learned from “Beyond Positive Thinking”, written by Dr. Robert Anthony and the audio book is read by Dr. Joe Vitale, says to be “happy in each moment”.  I Love That!  Every moment we have, is here, then gone.  We can never get it back.  So why spend it being grumpy, upset, angry, resentful, jealous, etc.  Yes, there are things that we will have come into our lives that will surely make us sad- a loss of a loved one, or loss of a job, someone we were close to hurts us, etc.  And we will have feelings come that we need to feel.  But I’m talking about all those other times that really don’t make a real difference, and next week, month or years down the line, won’t matter, that we choose to stew over in one way or another.  We can choose how we react to them.

So, in closing- ask yourself today 2 questions.

1) Is there something I want so bad,  that I’m holding on too tight, and it is causing a bad feeling?  Instead, want it so good, that it makes you happy to think about it, and let it go- let it come to you, instead of chasing after it.


2) Is there a negative feeling about something that happened recently that you need to let go and move on?  Realize that maybe it’s not really all that big of a deal, and that if you choose to change your attitude toward it- or her or him…. the situation may improve.

I hope I have helped you to,

Make today the best day ever!


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