Stepping stones… or stumbling blocks?

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Stop the world I wanna get off!  Don’t you feel like that sometimes!?  I know I do.  Last week was exceptionally busy for me.  I had been gone to Salt Lake City the w/end before, and arrived back home late Sunday night.  And from Monday on, it was go-go-go!

There were times I just wanted to quit.  I was getting burned out.  And there were times I thought for sure something was going to happen to make it all worth the effort, but for whatever reason, nothing came together like I thought it would.  Oh… how frustrating!

But, I had a choice to make- we all have choices every day.

I really wanted to just quit- at least for awhile…. a few days, maybe a week or more.  But what good would that do?  I certainly wouldn’t respect myself for that.  I’d feel like I failed.  Because, that’s exactly what failure is- letting something get the best of you.  Failure is not an event, it’s a feeling we place upon ourselves, or let others place upon us, when we decide to quit trying.  It’s only failure when we give up.  And then there is nothing left to do- we claim that “title” and let it loom over us like Eeyore’s gray cloud.

It’s no fun sticking around that “place” in our emotions.  The fun and thrill and excitement is in the journey!  When we keep putting one foot in front of the other, that is where life happens!  Even when we achieve some goal we’ve been working on, once were there, it’s like…. hum… I’m here…. that was fun…. now what?

Think of a time when you wanted something really bad.  Maybe your first car, you purchased your first house, a promotion at work, or whatever it may be.  Remember the excitement thinking about that event, before it happened, before you received it?  It was all you could think about, you daydreamed about it, planned for it, chose the colors, furniture, wall colors, floor coverings, saw yourself with the bigger paycheck, maybe corner office w/ a window… whatever it was for you.  What happened a few weeks after your received it?  Back to the same ole’ same ole’ for the most part, wasn’t it, once you settled in?

That’s why the fun is in the journey- it’s not in the prize or the achievement of it, it’s in the pursuit of it, that we are most excited!

So when something happens that is not how you planned, should we just quit, give up and stop trying?  No!  If you need to take a break, for a little while to recharge, then do that.  I did that just yesterday.  I felt I just had to take a day and spend some time picking up around the house and cleaning.  It wasn’t a “fun” day for me.  But I needed to do that for my sanity.  I made it fun.  I cranked up some of my favorite hi-energy music and went at it.  It was a break for me from phone calls, writing, computer time, meetings, etc.  But take time for you to recharge, a walk, a bath, a slowed down favorite meal, reading a good book you’ve been meaning to pick up, again whatever that is for you.

But be determined enough to get right back at it, and enjoy the ride!  Life is meant to be the best we decide to make it.  But it only

photo by Horia Varlan

will be when we are able to accept the “failures” or set backs and use them as stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.

Make today the best day ever!


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