My highlighter is my best friend!

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Why is it that we are so often so hard on ourselves?  How do we develop that type of belief that we should talk our selves down whenever something doesn’t go the way we want it to?  It’s not going to help us achieve whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish by down talking our selves- in fact, the exact opposite will occur.

I’ve noticed it lately in our son- he gets so frustrated with himself if he doesn’t do something right the first time.  It seems hard to instill in our children that when you are trying something new, you’re probably going to have to work at if a few times before you “get it”!  Yes, some things are going to come easier than others, and somethings are going to be easier for him than one of his classmates, and vice versa- but that’s okay.  That’s what makes everyone unique.  We’re going to mess up sometimes.  But that’s how we learn and grow.  We rarely learn when we do something right immediately- when we do it “right”, we already know it!

What can we do then when we have a hard time getting something to work the way we want it to, or the way it should be?

First off, stop, take a deep breath and ask, “Am I doing everything the way I am suppose to be doing it?”  With almost anything in life, there are some guidelines.  If you’re an entrepreneur and things aren’t going the way you want them to, find out what the missing link is.

“Do I have all the skills and knowledge?”  That’s usually fairly easy to answer and to correct if not.

“Am I applying them consistently?”  This one is not so easy to answer yes.  Especially as a business owner, or more especially a “solopreneur” like myself who works out of the home.  It can be easy to get distracted, side-tracked, and not do what I know I should daily, weekly and continually.  We allow life to take over.  Sometimes there are things that are pressing, and need immediate attention.  But I know  myself, it’s usually alot of little things that I let get in the way.

Many times I set out my schedule early in the morning, highlighting in bright orange the important tasks for the day, often even numbering them in order of priority.   Then when I get those done, I’ll color some more with my bright orange hightlighter!  And so on, until the end of the day.

The evenings are the hardest for me to stay on task, family is home, dinner needs prepared, ate, cleaned up after, kids ready for school and for bed, and I am committed to take at least 15 minutes, more if I can, just spending time reading or snuggling or visiting with them.

Sometimes I have webinars to be on, either for SendOutCards, or lately for the book anthology that I’m in that’s coming out soon, or I’ve also signed up for other author/ speaker webinars- those are usually in the evening.  I’ve found if I don’t highlight them with my wonderful bright orange highlighter in my calendar, I forget to listen.  These webinars are an important valuable aspect to help me learn & grow.

I’ve heard it put that in order to be successful at something you have to do what the successful people in that field do.  And they are often on calls, webinars and attending training- and they did it BEFORE becoming successful!  And they were consistent at it, rarely if ever, missing it.  They didn’t wait until they became successful to attend- they did it before and that’s what created the momentum and positive energy they needed to move forward to their success!

So for today and through the weekend, if you find yourself not getting the success you want, find out if you simply need more information or more skills, or if you just need to apply yourself and be proactive, instead of reactive to life.  And maybe get out that bright orange highlighter!

Make today the best day ever!


p.s.- I’ll have some news soon- in less than 2 weeks, regarding the book anthology that I’m in!  Stay tuned!

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