Are you ready to go beyond positive thinking?

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Lately I’ve been listening to the powerful book on tape, Beyond Positive Thinking written by Dr. Robert Anthony, read by Dr. Joe Vitale.  I have only completed cd’s 1 & 2, but ohhhh… I cannot wait to move on to the rest!  Right from the very beginning, it grabs you and really explains how powerful our minds really are.  I wish every person on Earth would be able to listen or read it!  Powerful Powerful Stuff!

I’m probably not even going to do this justice, but we all have capabilities beyond belief!  Basically every belief we have is due to what we have learned, from our parents, teachers, acquaintances, friends, co-worker, boss, television, and other media, and on and on.  We don’t start out with our own set of beliefs as babies, we learn every one of our beliefs.  You probably already knew that, right?  But let’s go beyond that… what does it mean? It means everything we believe, can be changed!

If we have always thought of ourselves as shy, bossy, stupid, clumsy, unsuccessful, broke, etc., it’s only because somewhere along the way, something happened, or someone said something that made us accept that image of our selves.  And we conformed to that image, and kept it in our belief for all these years.  That means we can change our thought process, and grow and become what we would rather be.  But first we have to decide to.   It starts with our mind, and what we tell it!

If we’ve always thought of our selves a certain way, especially if it’s been for years on end, it can seem to be a daunting task to try to change.  One thing that Beyond Positive Thinking mentions is that being shy isn’t either negative or positive trait, but it can be a negative characteristic if we want to be a public speaker!  But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  The age old saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way!”, is so so true!  It really all depends on how bad a person wants something.  So that means that if there is a particular trait we’ve always wished we could “wish away”- in a sense, we can.  We don’t have to continue with the same traits that we’ve always thought were “just who I am”.  Those characteristics that we don’t particularly like, are only formed from what we’ve learned in the past- it’s who we are, based on our past.  The future is not yet here, and we can make a new future including creating our selves into who we really want to be!

What we say to ourselves and to others really does have an impact, and we need to be aware of that.  Even when we don’t intend it, we have the ability to impact others, and it can be either in a negative way, or positive.  Many times we are making an impact without even knowing it.  I’ve made it a daily habit to be much more aware of what I say and do and how it can affect someone.  It’s not always easy.  But it’s just a matter of being more aware, and thinking about what we are saying and doing, before we do it.

I highly encourage you to get a copy of Beyond Positive Thinking, it has already in just 1/4 of what I’ve listened to, made a huge impact on my thought process and what I am manifesting into my life!

Make today the best day ever!


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