What’s in your bucket?

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How full is your bucket?  And maybe more importantly, what’s in your bucket?

Let’ imagine that your bucket represents your life- what does your bucket look like- make it a big bucket, k?  I mean really big!

Picture your bucket.  Mine’s yellow- no surprise there- for those that know me.  So you have this bucket, and whatever you put in your bucket is what’s in there- makes sense right?  But what happens when the bucket is full?  We’ll talk about that in a minute.

But for now picture events, people, possessions, time spent doing your favorite things are all going into this bucket.  Go ahead-visualize these things going into your bucket.  What events have you attended that go into your bucket- who were you with, they go in there too, put the people you spend time with into your bucket, your family, friends, co-workers that you interact with, customers/clients, whomever you tend to be around rather consistently.

Okay, how’s your bucket doing- I hope there’s still room- I said make it big, right!?  What do you spend time doing?  Exercising, watching movies or television, ohhh… this might be a tough one- ummm- facebook or other social media, ahem… (obviously that went into my bucket- how ’bout you?), needless surfing the web, what about texting and emailing, obviously your work time needs to go in there and the drive time each day, put in other things you do with your time.  Your bucket’s getting full, yes?

Okay, now put your things- possessions into your bucket- besides the necessities- house, car, etc.   Do you have a boat, motorcycle(unless this is your main form of transportation), big screen tv, off road vehicles, all the toys you have.  Some of you don’t have room in your bucket!  Some of you may only have a half full bucket.

So what does this mean?

There’s 2 ways to use this bucket scenario.  One means your bucket is overflowing- is this good?  Your first answer might be yes of course- we’ve probably all heard about our bucket overflowing being a good thing.  But doesn’t that depend on what’s making it overflow?  I like to look at the bucket this way.  When the bucket is full- before we start letting it overflow, what is really in there?  Because once the bucket overflows, things may fall out that we really don’t want to get rid of- what’s most important to us, and we may not even see them fall out because we’re too busy paying attention to the less important things in our bucket.

So, let’s visualize this bucket is getting on the verge of overflowing, and things are going to start falling out and we lose them.  If we have too many things in our bucket that aren’t helpful, positive, bringing joy beyond measure to our lives- our bucket if you will- some of those things (people we love, real free joyous time, true happiness, and maybe even financial peace), won’t be in our bucket anymore- they’ll fall out and be gone.

For instance, if we have many fun “toys”, but not financial peace because we have more bills than money, and also perhaps no time to use those toys because we’re too busy chasing the almighty dollar to pay for them, how fun is our bucket?  If we spend way too much time watching shows on television or movies that don’t really bring value to our life, and we don’t even really know the family members in our own house, we have too much wasted time in our bucket, and maybe the loved ones won’t actually leave the bucket- or maybe they might, we aren’t truly enjoying our bucket.  The people in our life are what really matter, not some mindless show that is not real, will only be on a couple seasons- maybe longer, and then gone, out of our lives, and we forget it for the most part when another “good” show comes along.

I think you get the picture.  Take a few moments and ponder on the other items in your bucket.  Examine if they are bringing true joy to your bucket, or not.

Now, picture, how you really want your bucket to look.  What can you do to make your bucket the happiest bucket you could possibly ever have?  If there are some things that need to be taken out of your bucket- or at the least, take up less space in your bucket, than you have the power to “redo” your bucket.  You can make things smaller, and other things bigger- meaning the amount of time or attention you give those things.  It’s your bucket!

Make today your best bucket ever!


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