It’s all in how you look at it

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Did you ever hear something that really resonated with you and sticks with you for the rest of the day, week or even months or years later.  You probably get caught up in your own day to day living and might forget it for awhile, then some situation in your life comes up and reminds you of it?

I’ve been having that happen all week.   Two phrases keep coming to mind and are really sticking with me and repeating in my head several times/day.  One I mentioned at the end of my post on Tues.- and I’ll talk about it at the end of my post today.  The first one I want to concentrate on is: “You get out of it, what you put in to it.”  I really think that is a true statement in just about any area of our life we might relate that to.  Let’s first look at that relating to our job or career.  If we go through our business day, just giving as little as possible- that’s the attitude we’re most likely also portraying, to our boss, our co-workers, our customers and clients.  They are going to feel that from you- and they’ll reciprocate.  If you’re boss sees you only doing what’s required, nothing more, nothing less- why would he or she give you more responsibilities which might also mean a pay raise?  Customers/ clients may not return either, or if they do, they probably aren’t going to be super loyal.   They may do some cost comparisons first before they return, and they most likely won’t refer you to any of their circle of influence; friends, family or other business associates.  People will drop your name if you do something above and beyond what’s expected.  With the ease and convenience of the internet now, it’s easier than ever to find your product or service faster & cheaper.  So what’s going to set you apart?  If you put more than expected into your business or job, and do it with a positive attitude, you can’t help but be known by all who use your product or service as “the” place to go to for whatever “thingamajig” you provide.  Again, you’re going to get more out of it ( more loyal customers), what you put into it, better service, a more positive atmosphere, and whatever extra outside the box way you can think of to set yourself apart from the rest.

This same quote, “you get out of it, what you put into it”, can also be related to your relationships, your spiritual life, and also your own personal “me” time.  For lack of time and space, I’ll let you for today, ponder on that statement and how you think it may help improve those areas of your life.- Maybe I’ll touch on them in some future posts.

The second quote, that is one of my favorites and seems to keep repeating in my head is: “If you keep on doing what you’ve always been doing, you’re going to keep on getting what you’ve already got.”  That sort of relates to the above paragraph, but can also be separated outside of work.  Meaning, are you getting where you want to in life?  If you’re hoping things are going to change, and you’re staying in the same job or career that hasn’t gotten you what you want in life yet…. is it really going to change in the next few months or a year, or ever?  What is the likelyhood of you really getting what you want in life by doing the same thing month after month, year after year, if it hasn’t bore the fruit you want yet?  Oh, you could put more time into it, but then you won’t have the time to enjoy your life.  You’ll have to keep putting in the time to create the lifestyle you won’t then have time to enjoy.  Look for an opportunity that can bring you the desires of your heart-be open minded, and do the research.  And don’t fall into the trap of trying something for a couple weeks.  A successful business of any kind, takes time to grow.  As long as you are doing what it takes, you’ll make it.  Think outside the box, follow your passion, and live life by loving it!

Make today the best day ever!



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