Another little sneak peak

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I thought today, I’d give my readers a “secret” look into my book.  This is part of chapter 16- The beginning of my book, describes in detail what my journey has been up to now.  As the book progresses, you’ll read what I’ve learned through the past 15 years and I hope that it inspires you to truly believe and know that you can have whatever it is that you truly want, and how you can achieve it.

I have changed my life from being totally depressed and hating my life to a year later actually being thankful for all the trials I’ve gone through and completely love my life. Even though I am constantly growing and becoming a better person, and still manifesting some of my hearts desires, I know where I am going and that my life is truly a blessing, even with all the hardships that I now see as blessings in disguise.

I do not have a Phd, a Masters, or even a certificate qualifying me to give anyone advice. But what I do have is experience and sometimes, and more often than not, I think that is the best teacher. Other peoples life experiences can inspire us to move forward, or at the least, keep us from sliding backwards, if we pay attention, are open and follow our own guide, our intuition. I have read and learned from many who today are well sought after speakers, authors, coach’s, mentors and others who have just “been there”. To me, they have more knowledge than any College degree or manual could ever give. Their stories have inspired me and transformed my thinking, my LIFE! I am a better person because of them, and my only hope is that I can be that type of person to you. And then, you have a hunger for more, and you search for and find others that inspire you and you learn from them, and some day, you will also be an inspiration to others- actually, you probably already are, you just may not realize it!

Being an inspiration to others doesn’t mean you have to write a book, or become a motivational speaker. But if you are inspired to do that- if that’s your passion-than you have the power within you to do it!  But by simply being the best you you can be, taking what life dishes out and growing through it, you can be a beautiful inspiration to those around you as you go about your life doing what you love. This World can only get better if we all do our part to make it better. We can make a difference, one person, one life, at a time, and hopefully it will continue to be “paid forward”.
If you would like to download a free full chapter of my book, “Blessings in Disguise”, you can do that on my website You’ll receive a full separate chapter than the one I included an excerpt from above.  Plus you’ll be put on my monthly newsletter that will keep you filled in on both the book anthology, “A Juicy Joyful Life” that I am a co-author in that is coming out late September and updates on the progress of my book- when it will be published & released .

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Make today the best day ever!



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