A friend’s great outlook on life!

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I told you last week that I’d share w/ you a great story of a friend of mine who took life by the horns and made a huge leap of Faith.

She went to school here although she & her parents lived in another part of  the state.  While growing up she always had aspirations to live back here and as she went on to college and began her career, it has always been her goal.  She ended up in Texas, and did well there, although still wanting to return to Northern Michigan.  As the economy tanked, all over the country, but especially in Texas and Michigan both, her career took a nose-dive and she found herself broke and miserable.  She didn’t like Texas, she wanted to return to Northern Michigan.  She had a light bulb moment.  ” I can either stay here & be broke & miserable or at go back to Northern Michigan where I love the waters and the beaches, and be Happy & broke- but at least I’d be happy!”  She went on Faith, came here to find a place to live and job search and found herself both- rather last minute, before she returned to Texas to retrieve her belongings.  She’s made a couple job changes since coming back, and actually has now, started her own Interior Design Business which is what she was doing as her career, just hired in at other studios.  On top of that, she has recently started the process of pursuing the idea of purchasing one of the furniture stores in the area, and she is coming up with some very creative ideas for financing and acquiring the store!

This is such a wonderful example of how by following your bliss- your passion, things will fall into place!

So what are you wanting to achieve?   Are you following your passion, your desires deep down in your soul?  If not, why not?  What’s holding you back?  If  it’s fear, there’s only one way to overcome it- do something about it.  The fear will stay there as long as you don’t do anything!  But when you start moving toward your goal, your life’s dream- the action will make you feel like you are accomplishing something, because you ARE!  And yes, you still will have doubts, and questions and even a little fear from time to time…. but the next step and the next step will help you overcome it!  You will always have the fear if you don’t make it go away, and you do that by moving closer to your dream!  And then when it’s all said and done, and you are living the dream you’ve imagined, visualized and worked for, you will feel such a sense of accomplishment and gratitude- even along the way.

We are all here to enjoy life- and you can make that happen!

I would love to hear your story of  how you took a leap of Faith and accomplished a goal or dream!

Make today the best day ever!



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