The first road, not always the best road!

July 27, 2010 at 11:11 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I am not sure where I ‘m going with this today- other than I had a bit of a light bulb moment this morning.

In driving through the beautiful countryside of my home county, where it’s very rural, hilly and therefore many roads are winding.  There are many different back roads that can be taken to get from the same location to another same destination.

The other day,  I took a road that at first thought, I guessed might be quicker to get back to my house.  It was of course, the first road that would have led me from where I was to where I wanted to go.  Instead of going straight and on into one little village, turn left and follow that road relatively straight into the town where I needed to go, I turned left and proceeded along this winding, hilly road that would have brought me out over onto the other road I would have ended up on had I taken the “straighter” path, thinking that I was going on more of an angle and bypassing the first little town,- basically cutting corners.  But as I’m going along this road, I get to a point that I’m thinking, “this seems to be taking longer than had I gone straight and gone the longer route, and not cut corners”.

So the next time, I’m coming along that same road and I decide to bypass the first road that led me off the main road sooner and I went on straight and continued on what I thought was the longer way.  I timed it, it was shorter in time, by about a couple minutes.  I thought that was weird.  The first road heading off into the direction I needed to go, on an angle, and seemingly cutting corners…. actually took longer than going a more 90 degree type route.

Why is that?  What seemed like the first road to take, actually took longer…. but ahhhhhh…. looks can be deceiving.  It may have been the first road, but it was winding, hilly, had 2 more stop signs than going the seemingly longer… but yes, straighter route, and less stops.

So, the moral of this story…. don’t always take the first route in life, in business, in relationships…. it may actually cost you more time, money and more effort.  Discern first, gather all the facts and information, and make your decision.  It may seem to take longer in the beginning, and may seem to take you on a longer route, but with all the proper information, could actually  get you to your destination- your goal, much quicker… and I would hope…. much quicker than the couple minutes I discovered along my actual drive!  Maybe a couple weeks or months or even years earlier, to your goal!

Make today the best day ever!



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