Relax?? Are you Kidding?

July 13, 2010 at 9:38 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Oh my!  How many times have we heard we need to take time for ourselves?  And how many times, have we said, “I don’t have time!”  Probably just as often!  It’s so difficult some times, isn’t it?  To just take even 5 minutes for ourselves and do something just for you?  If you’re a mom, like I am, with children still home, I find it especially hard now that they are home from school for the Summer.  On top of that, Summer just is busier for us, with family get togethers, festivals, reunions, bbq’s, weddings…. the list is endless.  On top of that we recently moved to a different house and I’m sure you know what that’s like, it’s chaos for at least a couple weeks, if not more like a month; from the start of packing, moving, and then the unpacking!  It’s been so hard to have enough hours in a day to do all that needs done!

But it’s so important.  I’ve really been trying to do some meditation that takes about 25 minutes, and the days I don’t take time to do it, at the end of the day I feel so disappointed in myself.  I have a CD by John Assaraf that really helps energize not only my physical self, but my emotional state, and I really like to do it early in the day, or no later than that 3:00 slump!  I tried a few days doing it when I went to bed, but as I said, it really gives me a boost of great emotional vibration, and I found I didn’t sleep as well because of the upbeatness of the cd!  But some days are just so hectic right from the beginning.  This week and next, my oldest has Driver’s Ed starting at 8 a.m.- and lasts for 2 hours.  It’s hard to get her  there, get back to the house, fix the kids breakfast, and then, by that time, and they are done eating, it’s just about time to turn around and go pick her up- ohhhh, if only she could drive herself to it!!  lol!  By the time I get back after picking her up, it’s almost 10:30, and the day’s well on it’s way!!

But as I stated last week…. and you may already be thinking it….it’s a matter of prioritizing it!  For I know the days I take that time for myself, helps me be a better mom, wife, business woman, and all the other “hats” I wear.  Now that we are moved, it will be  easier to get back into that routine, and take that time to spend with myself and create a balance in my day.

Make sure you take time for yourself today, and every day!  What is the one thing you could do that would help you feel better?  A massage, a bath, a swim, walk or run or your favorite exercise, reading a good book, playing a sport?  DO IT!  Even if you need to put a timer on for what ever you feel you can take today to spend that time for you, you will feel better and be happier for it!

Well, it’s time to go pick her up- and when I get back, I will take my 25 minutes!

Make today the best day ever!



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