Prioritizing- it’s not such a bad thing!

July 6, 2010 at 10:21 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Life is short, that’s for sure.  And full of surprises… some great, some unexpectedly sad.  I learned yesterday morning of the passing of a business acquaintance that totally shocked me and left me speechless most of the day.  I had shared SendOutCards w/ her and she was interested in using it to stay in touch better w/ family & business clients.  But schedules and time just kept getting in between us.  I couldn’t believe it when I read about her death in a newsletter for the local area realtors, both of which we were affiliate members of.  She was only 49.  I don’t know any details, but it doesn’t really matter.  She’s gone.  And it left me being reminded the rest of the day, how short life really is.

Later in the evening, as  I sat outside on the porch, I realized again, I need to prioritize my day.  I keep  thinking I’ll spend more time w/ my kids when I make the next level in SendOutCards, I’ll take more time for myself then too.  I’ll have more time then to do the things I want to do as our finances get better and we become financially free.  But in reality, I won’t have more time…I’ll just have different time.  Meaning, we all have the same 24 hours, everyday, every week, every year- if we  are blessed with another day, week or year.  Every moment that passes…. is gone.  We can’t get it back.  And to wait until what we think is a better time, is backwards thinking.

I heard someone say a few months ago, you will only be given more, once you prove to God or the Universe  or whatever you choose to call it, that you can handle what you already have.  If we don’t prioritize our day, our life, we won’t be given more to have.  Decide what your priorities are.  I do it… then I tend to get focused off it just a few days or weeks later.  My spiritual life, my Husband, my kids, my career, in that order, are my priorities.  So often, I get them jumbled up.  I am building my business for my family to have a better life, so I justify spending more time doing business activities for that reason.  But I NEED to spend time with them now- every day.

By keeping my focus on what it should be, when it should be, I enjoy my day more.  I am taking charge of my day by putting in my daily calendar what times of that day I will spend on those  areas of my life mentioned above, as well as time for myself to exercise, read, go for a walk, or whatever I want to do for me that day.  That has been a huge help.  Of course, that needs to be flexible… but I tend to confuse flexible, with more… just a few more emails, more cards to send, more calls to make…but there are times when I need to trade one time for another.  Just as long as it’s not overkill.

As I reflect on that lady’s smile that I would see at networking events, and can still remember her face and her voice, I know it’s only a matter of time and I won’t be able to recall those features anymore.  I hope and expect that her family will for much longer.  I want my kids to always remember moments we spend together, fun things we do, the love we share, but they won’t if we don’t take time every day to create those moments.  Prioritize your day- take a few minutes to review your day.  Do you have time in there for what really is most important to you?  Your loved ones, yourself, your Spiritual life?  They will reflect how you spent your  days here on this Earth.  What do you want to be remembered for?

Make today the best day ever~




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  1. So well said. I related equately to all that you said. Go get ’em.

    • Thank you Kathi, so much for your support!

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