A Festival of Patience!

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It’s Summer- you knew that!  But what you may not know, is around here, not only are we coming up on Independence Day on the 4th, but Saturday the 3rd also starts our 8 day long National Cherry Festival.  Tens of thousands of visitors come to this celebration of one of our areas pride & joys, the cherry.  Sweet, tart, black, gold, purple, pies, crumbles, dressings, dried, sodas, and even wine- another local specialty, and not just in cherry, we have some of the nations best wines.  But as for cherries, we have them and some interesting concoctions!  But along with all this fun, as  I said, comes a slew of tourists, and so that means it’s time to bring out our patience as best as we can.  Driving around town can be slow, at best, with more walkers, bicyclists, drivers who don’t know where there going, let alone, how to get there!  Patience and tolerance is key for us locals for the next 10 days or so- as I’ve already witnessed first hand that the traffic is getting heavier.

Patience is something, though, we should have year ’round.  But it’s times like these, we can use to help us grow.  Every situation gives us the opportunity to grow, or to decline.  Patience is something I have struggled with most of my life.  Especially regarding my kids, and trying to get somewhere on time, or trying to accomplish a certain task.  I think I am better now than even a year ago, but still need to keep it always at the front of my mind, to be patient with them.

It’s also hard to be patient when striving for a goal.  I tend to veer offtrack of what I need to do, my actions to get me to my goal, and start looking at the how.  “It might come together like this”, or “Well, if this person does this, then I’ll get to do that”, “Maybe this will happen to get me to my goal”…. and so on.  I’ve been reminded about 2-3 times in the past month or so, to stop looking for the how, and just do the “what”.  And if you remember some of my earlier posts, I have found that when I am told something close together about 3 times, that’s my cue to listen, to think about it and learn from it.  So I am getting better at simply moving forward… doing my part… staying focused on my actions, and every time  I do, the goal gets closer… faster.  Then I don’t have to be so patient!

So, if you are a local around here- remember to leave extra early, take lots of water along the way- maybe some snacks, and enjoy people watching, the beautiful scenery and have some fun at the events, but for everyone, think of one person, situation or issue you need to work on being more patient with.  Take a moment to say to yourself, “I AM patient with…………”  and say it as often as you remember.  You’ll benefit from it and also be able to…

Make today the best day ever!



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