WOW! 2010 Almost 1/2 Over?

June 22, 2010 at 10:16 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Everything seems to be moving at super speed for me right now!  So many things are going on at the same time- AllGood!- & that is extremely exciting!

My brand spanking new website for my book will be up & running in the next few days, the website launch for the “Juicy Joyful Life” anthology will be up & running soon, I am contacting a publisher this week, SendOutCards made some awesome announcements & enhancements to the picture plus program and also to the compensation plan, among other great things going on!  I am so excited about the next few days, weeks, and months!  I said at the beginning of 2010, that 2010 is MY YEAR!  And w/ it being 1/2 way over, it has turned out that way, and the best is still yet to come!

Speaking of 2010 being 1/2 way through- almost… what about you?  How are your goals, dreams, plans, intentions- going for you?  Now would be a good time to take a few minutes and reflect back on the first 6 months of this year.  How are you doing, are you on target, ahead of the mark, or have you not quite gotten to where you’d like to be?

It doesn’t really matter what the answer is… the important part is… what are you going to do from here?  Things happen, unexpected events…maybe a job loss, family emergency, or even unexpected visitors for a week, can alter your path.  Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not where you want to be… yet.  Learn from it, make a few changes and move forward.  Start today, start anew.

Life is awesome if you create it to be awesome, life is hard if you look at it as hard.  The great thing is, you choose.  Your outlook on life determines your life!

When we were living on our sailboat 2 1/2 years ago and traveling through the pacific coast of Central America, we saw the locals living so simply…. the closest thing they had to modern technology, were cell phones, but very basic- no blackberries, no droids, etc… basic in the most basic sense.  Most of them living in tin huts, or maybe made w/ wood or block walls, some had running water, but not for dishwashers, or laundry tubs, for a toilet, maybe a sink.  And they were happy… because they didn’t know what they didn’t have.

We can too if we remember that we can be happy if we choose to be happy- if things aren’t the way we want them right now, we can do something about it, most of the time.  The old saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” isn’t just to make us feel better, it’s true.  The difference between those that make the way, and those that don’t are those that have the strongest will… will.  If someone wants something bad enough, their desire is strong enough to move them forward in the direction of their dreams!

So, again, how are you doing this 1/2 point of 2010, and the next question is… What are you going to do about it?

I would love to hear your feedback~

Make today the best day ever!



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