My Zip Line Story

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As promised, I said in my last post that I would let you know how my zip line adventure went.

Well… first of all, there was the 3 hour school bus ride w/ 3rd & 5th graders.  I put on my facebook status that morning, “Eagle’s Flight zip line, here I come!  come to think of it, not sure which is more scary… the zip line, or the bus full of 3rd & 5th graders!”

I hadn’t been on a school bus in, well…. I guess  I’ll admit it… over 20 years!  Any other field  trips I’ve been on we drove cars/ vans or last year my oldest daughter’s class raised enough money to go in a nice tour bus.  I had forgotten how awfully uncomfortable hose school bus seats are!

We finally arrive at Old Mill Creek state historic park, get through the entrance and the group of girls all went first to get geared up, and then 10 or so boys, 3 Dad’s one other mom and myself get suited up in our gear and start the hike.  We first had to cross a canopy bridge spanning 165′ across, towering over Old Mill Creek, 50′ below.  My son’s teacher was telling me as the kids’ were getting their gear on that a mom last year who’s in training to be a police officer, totally freaked out over the bridge.  That wasn’t very encouraging to hear!

We get to the bridge, and the guide clamps us onto the overhead wire, and I’m second to last in line after all those boys, with my son directly in front of me.  I just kept looking straight ahead, although the girls were by this time across the bridge and now starting their zip lining going directly below us as we cross!  A couple times I looked around at the view, but mostly just kept going, looking only straight ahead.  When we were about 1/2 way across, some of the first boys in line were making to the end, and the bridge at that point started bouncing up & down a bit, kinda like a waving motion.  It was not cool!

But I made it across!

Then we followed a path in the woods taking in all the nature sights like the view overlooking Lake Huron, a sink hole, native flowers & plants, then made it the the start of the zip line.  After waiting for a few of the boys including my son to go, I was next right after him.  The guide makes sure you’re okay letting go and feel comfortable in the harness not holding on… yeah, super comfy…umhmm.  Then she lets ya start- as I looked down toward the end of the zip line, where I was heading, I had one thought of, “Oh Help…what am I doing?”  Then I just squinted my eyes for a second and took off!  As I opened my eyes and felt the air rushing past me, I gave a thumbs up to the other parents, and the teacher and my son at the end, this really was one of the coolest things I’d ever done.  Honestly, other than that split second at the beginning- I was NOT scared! I was exhilerated and totally enjoyed the 30 seconds of pure flying- maybe not like an Eagle, but I was as brave as one!  It was totally awesome and I would do it again!

I honestly don’t know where this came from.  A couple years ago or so, I would have not even thought about doing this.   A fear of heights have been with me all my life.  And not only that, but being in situations that I have no control over, I have always been so negative about it- I just avoid things I have no control over, heights, especially airplanes, and crazy wild things like canopy bridges & zip lines!

All I can guess is that, due to everything I’ve been through physically between my children and myself, and all our health issues over the past 5 years especially… I have grown.  I had no control over those situations, but I had to learn to deal with them the best I could, and I have changed.  I have become stronger and now, more in control  than ever… over myself.  My attitude, my thoughts, and my feelings.

I hope you will face something that will help you grow- you never know what really cool things might happen to you when you do!  And by facing a fear, a hardship, a hurt, whatever it may be for you… you will  grow, and you will be proud of yourself!  GoForIt!

Make today the best day ever!



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