The “old” me… The “new” me

June 1, 2010 at 4:32 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Well, those Holidays, although a wonderful thing, kinda put a kink in the week don’t they?  I was treating today like a Monday, and even though I had it in my planner, “Blog”- it just kinda got skimmed over!

Ya know, the old me, from about 5 years ago or so, would have let a little mistake like that, totally ruin my day.  I’d feel like I failed, I wasn’t good enough, and get so down on myself.

The “new” me, realizes, “it’s okay”… it’s okay to mess up once in awhile.  No one is perfect, we all make mistakes.  I have a very strong perfectionistic personality.  When I decide to do something, I give it my all, my 100%, and I don’t like to stop until it’s complete.  That can cause a problem.  Just as never getting started can- if we don’t start or try to accomplish something, we go through life, well… never accomplishing anything, because we never try, we don’t start.

Me on the other hand, I am somewhat of an overachiever, or strive to be.  I think we all know that these characteristics are embedded in us from our parents, relatives, events, that have taken place in our past, especially our childhood.  Some times we continue the same traits as our parents, other times, we strive to be exactly the opposite in order to attempt to prove something to…mostly, ourselves.

I think there needs to be a healthy balance with every type of personality.  With my tendency to do something until completed, or make sure it’s done “just right”, can lead me to not spend enough time with my kids.  As a mom, wife, business owner, author, and all that goes with each “hat”, if you will, I seem to never have everything all caught up and have nothing to do.  So I have to really make a point at a certain time at night, to walk away from all that, and spend some time with my kids reading, talking, snuggling, whatever they want to do before they go to bed.  At the same time, this last year, on Christmas day, I of course wanted to just spend the day relaxing, but at the same time, found myself totally bored- I needed to keep busy, but I also wanted to relax.  It was a real struggle for me!

I know that what we do isn’t important- who we are is.  And I have to constantly remind myself that we are human beings, not doings.  My kids will only be with us a short time, and then they’re off to college.  But I also see that almost everything I DO, is for them- to give them a better life than I had growing up- and I don’t necessarily mean monetarily.  Although that is a part of it to a certain degree, a nicer home, books- books- books, for they all love to read, just be able to supply the necessities with ease and teach them how to handle, earn and make money better than I did.  But I also need to spend time with them now.

What is a character trait that you need to work on? How is affecting your life in a negative way?  What can you do starting today to make a little shift for the better?  I would love to hear about your progress.

Me- my kids just got home from school a little over an hour ago- and it’s my son’s 9th B-day… I’m off to go play outside on this gorgeous Summer like day!

Make today- and since it’s so late, tomorrow too, the best day ever!



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