Appreciation & Butterflies

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This blog is a 2 topic post- but they sort of relate:   It’s all about attracting new clients/ customers by being a butterfly!

I love helping businesses and Entrepreneurs grow their business.  I love seeing the light bulb go on when they realize how much sharing Appreciation with their clients is so vitally important.  Sometimes the almighty dollar will be the deciding factor, but I think more often than not, a business can retain customers/ clients when they let them know they are appreciated as a person, NOT just a sale.  When you nurture that relationship with a customer, you will be the first person they think of when they need to reorder, or need your services again.  Often the little things can really make a HUGE impact.  A thank you card, a follow- up call, a gift appropriate to the size of purchase, a Birthday or Holiday card, whatever it is that you can do to let them know you care.  Every human being has the desire to love & be loved, and when we let others know we appreciate them, it’s  a win-win.  When you begin to do these things; some or all, you’ll be able to stand firm in your price knowing you have customers that want to do business w/ you because you’ve let them know you WANT to do business with them again, by showing your gratefulness to them.

I remember back to when our son would get ear infections.  Oh, he’d be in such pain, crying, so unconsolable.  We’d get him in to our chiropractor, he’d adjust Micah and we’d head back home.  Nearly every time, he’d fall asleep along the way back, usually within minutes.  We’d get home and he’d be like new!  And each time, our chiropractor would call after a few hours or the next morning to ask how Micah was doing.  I always appreciated those phone calls!  We knew he genuinely cared about our son.

Let the people in your life, rather in business, or personal relationships, know you care.  Simple.  It’s a bit of a commitment, but it’s oh so worth it.  People, not money are what’s important.  People want to be around other people who are sincere, happy, joyful, warm & welcoming.  Think about it.

If you’re at a networking event, let’s say, and you see two people you know.  One is quieter, reserved, less approachable, and the other is cheerful, exuberant even, smiling and just makes you feel good to be around, who are you most likely to go say HI to?  And that’s not to say the first person isn’t a great person, they most certainly are.  Some people just take a bit longer to warm up to others.  Also, if you’re the more quieter type, you shouldn’t not like who you are.  You have great assets to add to the people in your life. Often being more compassionate, considerate, and helpful.   But if you’re in business and are looking to meet potential clients, you need to be approachable.  And that comes in time, in trying to “come out of your shell” so to speak.  I’ve watched this happen in others and it’s like a quiet, shy caterpillar turning into a beautiful flittery butterfly!  It’s wonderful to watch.

There’s so many great books, one of my all-time favorites is: “How to Win Friends & Influence People”  by Dale Carnegie.  But start with smiling at everyone you meet.  Do that for this week, just smile.  Next week, add a “Hello!”  The week after that, add a “how are you?”- and when they ask you that back…don’t just say, “I’m fine.”  Every one says that.  Find something different to say that fits you…” Great!”  “Wonderful”, “Couldn’t be better”…-it will start to help the process.  And it just might help you attract that next big client!

Make today the best day ever!



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