Go From “Low” to “High”

May 11, 2010 at 8:10 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Why is it that sometimes we’re in a “really good place” in life, and other times, we just seem to be in such a “blah” state?  I’ve seen it happen in my own life.  Even when I’m focused on what I want, my goal, things just don’t seem to be manifesting. Even though I may be doing what I need to be doing, there doesn’t seem to be much coming together.

Well, recently, I’m figuring it out more and more.  Honestly, it’s that whole, “living it, before you’re actually living it” thing.  And that seems too good to be true.  I haven’t changed what I’m doing, but I’ve gotten back in this place of FEELING what I want already happening.  That may sound hokey to some, but I heard a really successful speaker say once, and I can’t remember who, “I’d rather be hokey and successful, than “normal” and broke!”  Me too!  Lately I’ve been making it a point, 3X/ day to take at least 90 seconds and feel what I want to happen, as if it’s happening Right Now!  And things are coming together.  The people that are meant to be part of this for me are coming into my life, the events that need to be happening are taking place, and what I’m accomplishing is being put together.

There’s been other times when I knew what I wanted, knew I was getting it, and was grateful for it happening, but it still didn’t happen.  I left out the feeling of having it already.  The joy & excitement was not present.  So many times we get into a low in our life, where we just don’t have much happiness, we take the focus off what is going right, and get down in the dumps about all that we don’t want.  And we wallow there.  What we don’t realize is we are causing things to stay there.

We can choose to make our day, our week, our life better.  But as Martin Luther King, jr. said, “We don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  And to me the first step, after you decide what it is that you want, is to feel what it’s like already happening.  Then the other steps are; stay focused on it, be grateful for it, do what needs to be done, and… repeat.  When I said earlier that when I was doing the work, and being grateful, and visualizing it, but not much was coming together, what I realized was that the work I was doing seemed harder, more of a chore, less inspiring.  When I take these 90 second periods throughout my day, even though the work I’m doing is the same type of work, it goes much easier, more fun, the people & events that need to be a part of this, seem to come to me almost w/out me having to put much effort into it!

What I know is this: we are all meant to be our best selves, whatever that is for you.  If you feel something is missing in your life, you could be doing, having or being more, you have desires, dreams, aspirations,  You can manifest them.  If I can become part of a book anthology, also have my own auto-biography published- still in the works, and I’m “just” a country girl, an unknown,  YOU can also do what ever you wish to do.  There are ways to make it happen, look for it, be open to what comes into your mind or comes to you from other sources, and just take the first step… the staircase will be shown to you, just take the first and then the next, and the next, step!

Make today the best day ever!



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