A little change can make a BIG difference!

May 6, 2010 at 11:35 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I am having such a great week!  I hope you are too!  I have the finishing touches on my chapter for the anthology, “A Juicy Joyful Life” almost complete.  That should be finished by the end of  this week- which is almost here!  I really like the way it’s turning out.  The editor and myself have been in contact back & forth through emails, tweeking and touching it up.  It’s turning out great!  I can’t wait for September to get here for it to be released!  I am also getting some great ideas flowing to me to include in my auto- biography.  This week has really been inspirational in that regards!

One of the things that I talk a great deal about in my auto- biography is that we have learned over the past 5 years how much of our illnesses, diseases, allergies, and so on, are related to food, pesticides, herbicides, food dyes, additives, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc.  And how, by being a little disciplined, so many of the issues people have could be lessened a great deal, or gone all together if only they knew, and we’re willing to make some changes.  So many people these days want a magic pill.  They want to keep doing what they’re doing, and take a pill to make them feel better, ie; relieve their symptoms.  Instead of finding the real cause and make some dietary changes that will positively affect their entire body, and they would feel 10x or more better.

Over these past years I went from someone who could barely make it through the day without needing a nap- and remember 5 years younger than I am today- to now, at 10:30 p.m., I have to make myself wind down and get quieted and ready for sleep- and no, it’s not from drinking caffeine in the afternoon!  LOL!  It’s simply from eating healthier, and treating myself with natural remedies instead of medications.  I feel the best I’ve felt in my entire adult life, and I’m loving it!

Some of this is also due to having a better attitude, and that came from learning what I’ve learned, both physically and emotionally related.  Life can be awesome!  It’s not meant to be filled with day after day of doldrums and ho-hums!  But it won’t be unless we do something different.  I love the saying, don’t remember who first said it, “if you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you’re going to keep getting what you already got!”  How can anyone except their life to change, if they don’t change their life!  That goes for anything, financially, physically, emotionally.  Jim Rohn- one of my favorite motivational speakers says, “For things to change, You have to change.”  ahhhh, so true!  But so many people think it’s the other way around.  “My life will be better when my job changes, my spouse changes, my kids change….”… whatever.  ummmm… no.

How can we make these changes?  Start with deciding what it is you want to be better, rather it’s your income, your relationship, whatever.  Then get some great books, DVD’s, Cd’s on the subject, and devour them.  And DO what they say to do!  I see so many people, pick up a great book, think it’s going to change their life, they read it, put it down or on a shelf and say, “that was a great book”.  And then expect miracles.  They don’t follow the advice in the book!   Some of my favorites are…you already know, Jim Rohn, as mentioned, Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, Dr. Joe Vitale, Jordan Adler, Lisa Nichols, Susie Larson, to name a few.  I want the best for you!   If I can change and become a better person, so can anyone else.  And I’m still a work in progress- we all are, every day….so… get out there and …

Make today the best day ever!



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