Moving on from Struggles

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As I said I would, I’m taking the next phrase in the poem I included in my post on Tuesday, and focusing on today’s blog regarding it:

They are the struggles

that help us discover

the faith

we thought we’d lost…

the courage

to let go of the past,

and begin again…

If you read the poem from the beginning it states: “Sometimes the things that seem to hurt us the most are the very things that bring out the best in us….”

So in looking at the next phrase, the “they” it is referring to is those events in our life that we go through that make us go through a period of pain, loss, struggle, sadness…  But then it states here, they help us discover the faith we thought we’d lost, the courage to let go of the past, and begin again.  What does that really mean?  What does that mean to you?  I take away from it, it means we need to move on, take that particular struggle that we’ve been carrying with us for days, weeks, months or even many many years,  learn from it, use it to strengthen us and start over.  “But”, you say…”that’s easier said then done.”  And you are right!  You are absolutely right.

So how do we do that?  How do we take this event that has been weighing us down for so long, and move forward?  First I think, we must ask ourselves some questions.

1) Did I know any better at the time?  Was my instincts, or were others telling me to go a different path, or make a different choice? Could I have changed anything to prevent it?

2) Could I have done anything about it to change what happened?

If the answer to those questions is both “no”, then we can understand it’s part of our path, our story, our life, and then ask myself…

1) What have  I learned from it?  Is there something that I can use from this situation to know how to better handle something else that may come my way in the future?  What is that?  And make a clear, conscious note in our minds what that is, so we’re ready the next time a similar situation comes up.

1) Then also ask myself, is there something I can do  to help anyone else?  How can I take what I went through and help others?

But then if the answer to  the first 2 questions is Yes- I could of done something to prevent it, or change it, then again, we must not beat ourselves up over it.  There’s reasons why we do what we do, and the best thing to do is again, learn from them and move on in much the same way as asking the same questions above.  What have I learned from this experience, what can I do about it now.  It never helps to wallow in our self pity, live in it and beat ourselves up over something.  That doesn’t do anyone any good at all.  And life is too short to spend regretting things.  That reminds me of another quote  I love.  “Never regret the things you’ve done, only the things you’ve never tried”.  Or something like that.  We are all human, we all make mistakes.  The difference between someone who is successful and someone who’s not, is that the successful person learns from their mistakes, and keeps going.  I love how Jim Rohn puts it:  “You don’t have to bat 1000, hitting the ball only 30% of the time can make you successful!”  Baseball players get paid millions to bat 300, that means they miss more times than they hit.  So why should you be any different?  What’s important is to get up again, learn how to do it better next time, and then go do it!

This is somewhat of the process I’ve used, to be able to come back from hardships.  Some times it’s just a matter of just saying, “I have to move on- I have to find a way to get passed this.”  That’s been the biggest thing for me when I’ve been hit with something that hurt me, was just say to myself, over and over and over again, “I HAVE to Move on.”  A way will be made when you have the desire!

Make today the best day ever!



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