What you’ll find in old pages & lines…

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It’s amazing what you’ll find when you are cleaning out old files!  I came across some great quotes and information on having a positive attitude that I’ve had for 15 + years!  You can tell, the pages are old & yellow- ewww that sounds bad… makes me sound old!!!

This particular one that I found, I am going to have to include it in my book somewhere- it is the essence of my book in a simple small paragraph.  Every time I’ve read it since finding it late y-day afternoon, I get a rush of amazement at what it says, and how this has “shown up” in my life at just this time… while I’m writing my book and putting the finishing touches on it.

I don’t know the author- the page I have, does not have an author on it, here it is:

Sometimes the things

that seem to hurt us the most

are the very things

that bring out the best in us…

They are the struggles

that help us discover

the faith

we thought we’d lost…

the courage

to let go of the past,

and begin again…

help us to see

who we really are,

where we want to go,

and what our lives can be

If only we have faith

and keep trying!

Pretty cool!  One thing that really jumps out at me is the first 4 lines.  Sometimes when we have a struggle, or a hardship, it’s not right away that it brings out the best in us.  For me, when we lost Amber, I spent 2 years of being not my best self.  I really let her loss determine my attitude, my Spirit, my decisions and actions.  I know grief is normal, but there gets to a point that it goes on too long, & can be harmful.  I was angry, and I chose to stay angry for a very long time.  Yes, I was also young, 24, and so much of that came from immaturity- but also, just not being prepared for something like that- not that anyone ever is.  But when I had so much faith, belief and desire to have healthy, full- term, wonderful twin girls to love and nurture and be their mom, to have it crumble apart, it blew all sense of faith & hope right out of me.  It was a very long time before I could ever believe in anything again, that I could dream… and have it come true, that my desire and faith in something to happen could and would happen.  I lost all sense of hope in me, in being happy again.

This is much of what the Chapter in the book anthology that comes out in September is about.  I am excited for it to be released.  And I am so looking forward to finishing my book and getting it published and get my story and my message of hope out there.  I know it’s going to land in the hands of those that it will really help and give them a foundation for their own new hope, dreams, desires and hopefully inspire them to take whatever action they need to move on to a life of abundance and happiness!

Return on Thursday, I’m going to take a look at some of the other lines in the poem above, and chat about it… until then…

Make today the best day ever!



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