A little word, Big Difference!

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I really liked my last post, I thought I’d continue on a part 2 today!

One thing we’ve always done as our children started growing into toddlerhood and preschool, is never allow the word “can’t” to be spoken.  If we really stop to think about it, we can do just about anything.  Now, some things, we are better at than others, and some things we need help getting started,  and some times it won’t be for quite a while before what we’re attempting, we can do.  But let’s just take the example of a child learning to swim.  They start out, learning the idea, watching someone who’s skilled in swimming, and learning the names of some of the basic strokes.  And so the child tries, and flounders, and either their life jacket or an adult is assisting  them, right?  So can they really technically swim yet?  No.  But we encourage them to keep trying.  And I’m sure after the 3rd or 4th attempt, like most kids, they’ll get frustrated and say…” I can’t do it”.  So should we just let them stop, and believe they can’t?   I think, most of us, would say, “let’s take a break, get a drink of water, rest a few minutes, and try again.” And so after a break, we encourage them to get back in, get a little more coaching, and most of the time, by the end of that class, they are doing a basic stroke enough to learn to swim!

We need to teach our children that just because something takes a little effort, doesn’t mean, “they can’t do it.”  In  this fast paced world, where so many things are now available so quickly and we are growing more and more into a society of wanting “immediate gratification”, when something takes a little work, many people just use the excuse, “I can’t”.  And that begins a downward spiral of poor self esteem.  Could that child swim?  YES- but they needed to learn how first!  Can someone improve their finances? YES, but they need to learn how first.  Can a person run a marathon?  If they are totally dedicated to working out daily and doing what it takes… the answer is YES!  The question is, not “can I do it?”  The question needs to be 2 part… “How bad do I want it”, and then “HOW can I make it happen!”  And then GO!  And we need to teach this to our children!

I love Jim Rohn’s quote when he mentions how when we mess up we need to fix it and he uses this great example.  So often when a child messes up, does something they shouldn’t of, many parents tell that child, “You messed up!”  and leave it at that.  He goes on to say, “Don’t leave them in the mess!”  Tell them, “You messed up, but you’ve got to fix it.”  And then teach them how to fix it!

We all need more of that “can do” attitude.  We really can do just about anything we set our minds to.  And again, that all starts with believing, then the doing.  The more we believe and make things happen, then it just becomes easier to believe we can do something else, but it’s like most habits, we need a little help in the beginning getting started.  I hope maybe this post, and my previous one from Tuesday, will be the little squirt of grease that will help get your wheel moving a bit toward more of believing, “Yes, I Can!”

Go for it, and…

make today the best day ever!



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