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What would it be like if every person on the planet had such a great self esteem, self image and total belief in themselves to achieve whatever they set their mind to?  Oh my gosh!  I could spend hours imagining what that would be like.  I see or hear of so many people who just don’t have that belief in them.  I feel sad for them, mostly because I used to feel that way, and sometimes still do- but not nearly as often as before, and when those doubts creep in, I am much more capable of scurrying them out of my mind and replacing them with wonderful, empowering thoughts!

But why is that?   How does that begin?  Why are so many people out there feeling hopeless, struggling, lost or incapable of succeeding at something they’d really like to do?  Obviously as babies, we start out thinking we can do anything!  We begin to crawl, walk, talk, and we get lots of encouragement to the chants of, “you can do it, you can do it!” from our parents, older siblings, and other relatives.   Right?  So how do we then, develop that poor belief that all the sudden, we can’t do it?  We can’t pass the 5th grade spelling test, or we can’t be a good football player, or we can’t be on the honor roll, or we can’t make it into the college or university that we want, or we can’t, can’t, can’t… whatever.  I’m not really sure I have that answer.  But I do know that “YES WE CAN!”  Whatever it may be.  We can be a success in business or our career, have a happy marriage, have a wonderful relationship with our children, be good at a certain sport, lose- uh.. excuse me, I mean, get rid of  excess weight.  We can if we believe we can!  Now I’m not saying that just believing makes it so- but that has to be the first step!  If we don’t believe something is possible, we won’t bother to go on to the next step, which is action.

Action may mean, counseling, or at least having a heart to heart with the person you’re desiring to have a better relationship with and both committing to making it better, or studying more for the test, practicing the game more, and actually doing something to release the extra weight.  But you can do these things, and still not believe, and if you see any results, it won’t be much and it won’t last.  We have to believe in what we are doing!!

I wish I knew this more when I was in school.  I see so many kids, starting in middle school especially, and of course right up into high school, they just don’t have a good self image.  Many of them fake it by swearing or talking big, but they really deep down are only putting on a facade to hide their lack of belief in them selves.  We need to empower our children, both in school and at home, especially at home, that our kids matter, they are important, they can achieve great things.  They need to be told they are smart, they are beautiful, they are loved.

I’ve made it a point to tell my kids this more, and I’m seeing a difference.  It’s a habit to get in to, but by just starting, doing what ever I can to remind myself, a note where only I can see it, whatever it may be, the habit starts to stick, and then I remember more often, and then I see a change in my child and so it makes me want to do it more, and it’s a beautiful colorful snowball of positive feelings that my children start to roll with themselves, knowing they CAN do, be, achieve what ever they put their minds to!

Try it, and share with me what happens!

Make today the best day ever!



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