What’s your inspiration?

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What have you been inspired by in your past?  What event, scenery, person, or situation has inspired you?  Why?  What was about it that inspired you?  Take a moment to think about it.

Did it make you want to do something?  Did something come up inside you that you wanted more of what that was?  If you were on a beautiful snow-capped mountaintop, or a warm sun-filled sandy tropical beach, or did you hear a speaker say something that moved you, or part of a book you read, what was the inspiration you received from that?  Have you thought “if only I could do such & such to have more time or money for that”?  Did it lead you into thinking of ways that you might be able to make that a reality in your life, a job change, a new career, starting your own business, writing a book or whatever it may be?  When you have an inspiration to do something, it’s because it’s already part of you!  You have the potential to do or be whatever you are thinking!   An example from my own life is that of downhill skiing.  My entire family, Husband and 3 children, love to ski.  I on the other hand, would much rather stay inside the lodge, cozied up next to the fireplace with a good book or sending heartfelt cards to the people in my life using my SendOutCards system on my computer.  It’s not IN me to want to ski- but it is in them and they go do it!

What I do have a passion for is telling my story in writing and potentially in speaking, and hoping that by others hearing my experiences over the past 15 years of what I’ve come to know and understand and believe, and how it’s changed my life- how I’ve changed & grown as a person, it will inspire others to grow and change and believe in themselves.  Each person has their own passions & desires and as Deepak Chopra says, “Within every desire is the mechanics of its fulfillment.”  So what are you desiring to do, what inspires you?

At times I still struggle with, “can I make this actually happen?”  Can I really get my full book put together and get it published by my goal?  Then within only a few moments, I get focused back on that fact that I have been given this inspiration for a reason and I can and I WILL make it happen!  I have to keep doing what it takes, it’s not going to just fall in to place.  I have to write, research and keep moving and it will then come together.  I’m not going to one day wake up and the entire book, all complete with beautiful cover and all printed and put together will be sitting there on my nightstand.  But that day is coming that it will be finished and I will see the final results, because I took action.  And it’s the same with all of us, if we have a vision or inspiration, in order for it to come into fruition, we have to take action and believe we are meant to do it and know we will achieve it.  Too many of us want a quick fix these days, we are so accustomed to immediate gratification and with as little effort as possible.  But most quick pleasures in life, usually leave about as fast.  Anything worth having is worth working for, and we all will do what we really want and desire to do, it just depends on how bad do we want it.  And when we’ve really worked at something and put forth our very best effort, that’s when the accomplishment is the sweetest!

Make today the best day ever!



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