Positive Pondering

March 19, 2010 at 7:00 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

The great Northern Michigan weather continues, but looks like it’s coming to a screeching halt today.  The colder weather and rain mixed with snow is on the way for the weekend.  But we really can’t complain, this is the nicest March I remember in a really long time!

I am grateful for friends today, current- since I refuse to use the word, “old”, and new.  I’ve met some really great people this week, some of which, I’m sure, we’ll be friends for life!  I have received some phone calls from long-time (that’s a good adjective) friends, and have a couple phone calls later today with some very new friends.  I am looking forward to those!  People I have met strictly on line, 1 from facebook, and 1 who is a fellow co-author in the book anthology.  I think these phone calls will be a start to a great long- standing relationship!

I was “chatting” in the newest sense of the word, over facebook  a couple days ago with a very long time  and dear friend.  We were discussing how we attract what we think about.  I loved what he said, and he gave me permission to quote him on my blog.  After you read it, I suggest you ponder on what he said.  It will help you to be more aware of when the next time you are thinking or reflecting on a thought or idea, what your vibes, your energy, that you’re putting out there is.

Better make that Positive Pondering, otherwise some pondering may have people slipping into reflecting which might lead to introspective dwelling!

And we tend to dwell on the negative not the positive!!

Kurt Tondreau
Make today the best day ever!



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