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We have just been so blessed with such fabulous weather here in Northern Michigan for March- looking like up to 60d. today and it’s beautifully sunny!

I am posting this today instead of tomorrow since I will be heading to Grand Rapids early in the morning and will be in appointments all day and drive back in the evening- it will be a busy day, but one I am looking forward to.  I will be helping 2 of my new distributors get their businesses started, it will be a fun day!

Last time we talked about encouragement.  As I sat here thinking, “what do I want to share today?”  I paused, waited, listened… Appreciation came to mind.  So let’s visit the topic of appreciation.  Who has been an encourager to you?  Who lifted you up and one point when you were down?  Who helped you by going that little extra for you, more than they needed to?  I think sometimes  when someone does something for us out of the kindness of their heart, we get a little taken aback by it.  We wonder all sorts of things, from- “Why would they want to do that for me?- I didn’t deserve it.”  or “What do they want from me now that they did that?”, how about, “Now I need to pay them back and do something nice for them, they’re going to expect it.”  and sometimes we aren’t comfortable with their help because we have a tendency to want to be seen as someone who doesn’t need help.  But how often do we just say, “Thank You” to them and be grateful for their kindness.  In my experiences, when someone does something nice for someone else, most of the time, it’s simply because they want to do it.  Generally speaking, we do what we want to do, and we don’t do what we don’t want to put any energy into- we do what’s important to us and motivates us.  So when someone helps us, it’s usually because they want to, it’s part of their nature, and they aren’t doing it expecting anything in return.  Now, does that leave us off the hook when someone does do something nice for us?  No, we really should at the least, tell them “Thank You!”, not because they are expecting it, but because they know you appreciate them, and that in turn, creates a great cause-effect chain.  They feel good knowing they made your life go a little smoother or happier, and you feel good thanking them.  That in turn, will create more good things in both of your lives, they get a positive energy coming back to them in your appreciation, and you’ll attract more good things to be grateful for!  What you focus on you attract more of.   What you give out, you get back.  There are some simple ways to make sure that person knows you appreciate what they did.  A verbal “thank you” usually is sufficient- either in person or just make a 2 minute phone call to tell them thanks.  If what they did, you feel you want to do a little more, a thank you card, or card with a gift is always a great way to go!  Whatever it is you do, just do be sure to always be grateful and tell them you are!  Look for people to thank and be grateful for today, and this week.  Not only that, look for ways to be that person to others that will want to Thank You for the littlest thing you did for them- buy someone a cup of coffee or lunch, let your co-worker borrow a good book you liked and thought they might like to read it, just the simplest of things, even saying hi! with a little extra smile and happiness to all you meet, putting a quarter in someones meter- this is fun because they won’t know who did it, and you’re doing it just to give!  Look for those opportunities and watch what great things come your way!

I appreciate all of you who are checking in on my blog- the numbers of readers keep going up!  My last blog had the most views so far!  I’m enjoying sharing some little tidbits with you- I hope you are finding these are a nice little reprieve from your day and helps you view your life with a little more light!

Make today the best day ever!



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