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Wow!  I have had one busy week-how ’bout you?!  But I’m the type of person who thrives on being busy- as long as it’s not overwhelming- and this was a “good” busy week.  One thing I have done to downsize my busyness, is start grocery shopping every other week, instead of every week.  That has been a great thing, otherwise I wouldn’t even be sitting here typing this post- I’d be meandering my way through the lanes at Meijers- believe me- I’d much rather be here writing to you!

I just got off the phone w/ one of my newest Distributors a little while ago.  I have to tell her story- I think there’s a great message in it.  She is helping an elderly lady that has no other friends or family to help her get through a difficult time with a health issue, and my Distributor has agreed to take care of this lady leading up to the time of her surgery today.  She’s been a difficult lady to deal with, very stubborn and set in her ways, not doing what  the Doctor’s and nurses tell her too, and already dooming and glooming her outcome, really trying my Distributor’s patience. ( which is probably why this lady has noone else to care for her!)   After listening to her tell me what she’s going through, and how ready she is to get back to her own “life”, I told her that I think what she’s doing is a beautiful thing and that I’m sure she will be greatly rewarded for it, if not here, than in the next life.  When we got off the phone, I could tell she was in a bit better spirits than when the conversation first started.  Not sure if it will carry her through this difficult day as she get’s that lady ready to go to the Hospital for her surgery later today, but even if it’s only for a little while, my encouragement of her, helped get her through.

How about you?  Is there someone you can encourage today?  If someone complains at work, or maybe calls you at home today, and something is weighing heavy on their heart…what can you say or do to help them feel better, even if it’s only for a little while?  Something great will happen when you  do that.  Not only will you help that other person, you will have a better day because of it!

Make it the best day ever!



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