What’s Your Greatness?

March 3, 2010 at 2:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Ohhhhh, it’s sunny today!  And it was sunny yesterday!  What a treat here in Northern Michigan!  Some serious snow melting going on- although it’s “only” in the 30’s, I’ll take it.  Before I forget,  I also wanted to share with you my “schedule” for blogging.  I’m going to post something 3 days/week, generally M-W- Sat.  But there may be some weeks, it may be M-Th- Sat. or something.  But that’s the general idea.

I had a great day so far today, and it’s only a little after 1:00.  I am a member of BNI, which is a referral organization with chapters around the world.  I received a special award this morning that I am very proud of to receive.  Many of the members who attended an “Appreciation Marketing” seminar a couple weeks ago, also gave great testimonials to the seminar and to SendOutCards.  Then  I had a great breakfast with one of the other members who we are each others accountability partners!  While we were visiting about my upcoming book, I was reminded as I was talking to her about a couple key parts of my life that need to be added to my book.  I love when the inspiration comes!  I am mailing in the author’s agreement tomorrow for the book anthology project.  I don’t want to say, I can’t believe it, because I’ve been thinking about this for a couple years, and had it as a goal.  But it’s finally coming in to fruition!  Wow!  It’s pretty exciting!

That leads me in to a great topic for today.  I always loved the idea of being a writer and a speaker, but always felt ( until the last couple years) that I was just thinking “lofty” dreams, how could I ever do something like “THAT”?  We all have those dreams within us.  But over the course of years, and maybe even it started in childhood, we wanted to be something or do something, but got “shot down” by those around us- telling us to “be realistic”.   I love Wayne Gretzky’s saying, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”  Another quote I’ve heard is: “If you shoot for the moon, you’ll at least hit the stars.”  Don’t recall the author of that one.  But I also know that we’ve all been given dreams by our creator.  We all have greatness in us.  And when I say greatness, I don’t mean we all have to  be famous, or make a world wide or even national impact.  To some, their greatness is being a wonderful, loving, nurturing parent, neighbor or friend, and in doing so, the people with whom they touch will be impacted and share that goodness with others.  What a great gift to the world those types of people are!  So when I say we were all given dreams of greatness, it’s more of a feeling that we’re doing something we LOVE!  And we aren’t given those ideas within us to not have the ability to achieve them.  Sometimes we just need to be steered, led or shown the right direction. And sometimes it’s just a matter of the right time coming along.  What dream within you have you put on a shelf thinking “it’ll never happen”?   And is there something you can do today to start to put it into action- even if it’s a baby step?  As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, either way, you’re right.”

Make it the best day ever!




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  1. Hello Amy, I am very impressed with your greatness!! Time to reap the reward now 😀


    • Thank you Jordan! Looking forward to meeting you one day!

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